Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lesson 5: Forbidden Sex

Perhaps most people have never considered that a Soul can use any organic structure that It wants in order to facilitate an experience. Since the Soul is genderless, any type of organic form will do just fine. That is to say, as far as this lesson goes, a male or female form. 
 People often get lost on this idea because they get hung up on religious scripture that has named God as the Father; so people have led themselves to believe that Spirit can be gendered. But this Consciousness that people identify as a male God, is truly the Father AND Mother of all that exists, since this Consciousness cannot become what It does not contain within Itself already. In other words, all things that have taken shape, received its building blocks from a genderless, and sexless Consciousness that can create any type of sexual being It wishes.
 Someone may ask, "What does it mean that I came from a God without gender? God is a man and created man in that image, right?"
 How words seem to fail us. However, let's look at this. Most people will agree that their idea of God is that God is a Spirit; an Energy. If we ask just about anybody where their body will be after death, they will say, "In the ground, or cremated."
With that said, it is fair to conclude that our bodies, as we now know them, will not be joining us in any other dimension beyond the physical one. In that case, it is fair to say that the part of us that remains aware of who we are, our Consciousness, will be all that we are. We will be in our unaltered state; one of Thought. We are Thought because, after death, we are still aware because we can think. We know who we are without having our bodies with us. 
 So in ultimate reality, we are Thought, or Consciousness, that is aware of Itself. This means that before we ever assume a physical identity, we are neither boy nor girl; we are open to becoming any form we desire. And remember, from previous lessons, that the body serves the Soul; the Soul does not serve the body. The body is used by the Soul to translate the Soul's chosen physical experiences back into a Thought frequency.
Because the body cannot decide for itself what to do, we know that it is the Soul that is directing the body. And when the Soul is interested in experiencing sex with another Soul's body, a rush of chemicals and hormones are released throughout the body's system to make our body feel sexually attracted to their body. 

The human body does not know who or what to be attracted to; it has no opinion on the matter. In our younger years, the brain has not had data on the fine points of attraction inserted into it. At some point, however, the brain will encounter the opinions of others who will direct us on who is attractive, who is sexually viable, and the correct behavior of men and women when it comes to sex. But as we all know, all the showing of it, and all the telling of it, cannot make another person become what is expected of them. That is to say, a caregiver can tell a male child all their life that a man shouldn't be with a man, and a woman shouldn't be with a woman; but at all costs, the Soul will experience sex with exactly the person It desires to; even if it is male on male, woman on woman, or even sex between many bodies. The body will do whatever the Soul tells it to do.
 Many people find themselves drawn to the same sex, but hide it because of religious teachings, and religious fear; maybe even fear of parental reactions. People against homosexuality often say that being gay is something chosen mentally, or in defiance of God. However,  a gay person could not say what pulls them at their core to the same sex anymore than a heterosexual person can say what makes them heterosexual. Sex and sexual preference is a drive in all of us that feels built-in even though it comes from an Outside Source - the Soul.
 Ask yourself this: If you are a heterosexual male, can you decide to be homosexual? Can you decide that suddenly another male is sexually attractive to where you would prefer them over a woman? A homosexual male cannot decide to be straight either because those decisions do not come from the physical brain; they come from the Thinker behind the thinker. 
 A sexual attraction cannot be "Prayed Away" by religion any more than a gay male can pray that a straight man becomes gay, since not even prayer is effective against the Soul. In truth, the Soul would never need to pray because from the Soul's perspective, nothing is hidden; there is no need to ask, or pray, for change since it is the Soul that is in charge of Its own change. Only the human brain is trained to believe prayer is necessary because it is not aware of the connection to all things the way that the Soul is aware.
 A sexual union is a Spiritual collaboration, and no scripture, or religious ideology can thwart the will of the Soul. No other human being can force, or scare a Soul into having sex the way they see fit - no consequence of hell and punishment forever will make a man not engage in gay sex, or a lesbian woman not find a female lover. That is because the Soul cannot be convinced of hell when It already knows differently. 

In the realm of Consciousness, fear is not used to control the Energy flow. Thought moves freely and effortlessly, no matter what form It takes, and no matter what experiences It has. If Consciousness hampered parts of Itself for eternal punishment, at some point there wouldn't be enough of Itself left available to experience Itself anew.

Think of it like this:
Have you ever been disappointed in your own hands for doing something that the rest of the body did not approve of? Not likely - Consciousness is the same way. We are all part of this Infinite Consciousness, and this Consciousness would never have one part of Itself do something only to punish it for doing it. Every aspect of this realm of Thought is aware of what all other aspects of Itself are thinking or doing. What is known in one place is known in all places - At Once - even sexual activities.
So there is no reason to hide and be ashamed. There is no reason to fight for the right to have sex with whomever You choose. There is no need to protest against those who condemn the actions of Your body since their words are the mutterings of a pre-trained brain, and not the words of a Soul, since a Soul would never condemn You or the body. There is no need to have a national "Coming Out" day, for who are you "coming out" to? All the Souls in the Universe know Who You Really Are; all other Souls support You, love You, and experience joy with You. If there must be a coming out celebration, do it among like minded people who have already become aware of this part of their Soul. Celebrate because You too are now aware that there is nothing wrong with you; you are not despised by all, just misunderstood by some.
 Know this: Behind the flesh and brainwashing of condemning people, are Souls that see You, love You, and cherish You. Unawareness is its own plight, and not for You to be burdened with. It is not for You to change their minds - their Soul already knows how to do that for Itself when It is ready. The only thing You need to do is to love them for Who They Really Are, and you will discover the peace you've been missing.

JB Lewis

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