Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Power Within

At the moment of your physical death, you will become aware of all that you truly are. There will be a moment during this process that you can reverse your moment of death, since nothing is ever permanent; not even death. Death does not come for you - you go for death because you have decided that there is nothing else you wish to translate for the Soul, using flesh as a mediator.

However, once you get a taste of the love and pleasure that is experienced without the shield of a human body, you will probably not wish to return to a human form; few ever do. What I wish for you to know from this is that you can choose. You are not locked in to situations beyond your control. Not even death holds power over you. All of your life is this way. You always have been in charge of what affects you whether it be deliciously or maliciously. It was all you. But this is not your curse - this is your power.

And because of this power, no one else can be blamed for your life's outcomes since no one else can determine, against your will, how your life will proceed.

There is no one on Earth, or even the Universe, that has power over you, no matter how powerful someone else may seem. Our power is reserved only for us, individually, and the only way we can appear to affect someone else is if they agree to it, and allow themselves to be affected. Permission must be given - no exceptions. 

If you feel powerless, then you may not believe what I am saying is true. But I tell you this: You will only feel powerless until you decide Not To Be. Truly, what do you have to lose? Look people in the eye and show them what you are made of. Will your job fire you? Maybe. Will friends leave you? Perhaps. Does any of that matter? Of course not. Your short time here on Earth should be about your experiences. If you fear losing a job, a friend, or care about your vanity, then you are not using your power. You are allowing other people's power to reign over you. That is why you feel powerless. "Powerless" people believe life is hard and demanding.They believe the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They believe there isn't enough and that hoarding goods and services is the only way to survive. But people that know they are powerful do not fear such things - that is why people aware of their power seem to be the ones that have it all.

No one person has power over another, so if it is a better world that you want to experience, then we must all work together, as a collective, using our individual power of control to make the world, and our lives, what we wish to experience. A better life for all will take all of us working as a family - not as enemies.

Now ask yourself, "What are you going to do next with all of this power you possess?"

JB Lewis

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