Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lesson 4: Death

Death is simply - letting go of the body. That is it. There is nothing else going on. Letting go of our flesh is not the result of a supernatural punishment. All of the rituals and emotions that surround the departure of a familiar body have made death a painful mystery for most. But let us see if we cannot clear up some of that mystique.

This is an area of conversation where pain and grief can lead to mental and emotional blockage. It may help your understanding of death if you are able to see beyond the body. I am going to repeat a few things I have said in the past, but only because it is related here. And this subject matter, above all, is where you should really consider Who You Really Are.

Sit calmly. Take in a deep breath. Say aloud, “I am not a physical body. I am Energy that is conscious of Itself; and that Energy is using this body for Its own reasons. This body does not control itself. It responds to instructions on what to do from me, the Soul in charge.”

How did saying that aloud make you feel? Did you believe your words? Once you have incorporated this simple truth into your physical mind’s protocols, every experience that you encounter from that moment on will be different than before. The realization that you are a Soul expressing a physical form will set you free. You will even view death differently because you will know that nothing is truly lost.

“But I still miss my loved one,” you may say. And I say, of course you will. You love them even as they have let go of their body. You want to see them, laugh with them and share all the experiences that are yet to come. But you should know that your sadness and feeling of loss is part of our programmed response to the event we've labeled as The End; for the Soul does not understand how to miss someone. The Soul has never, and can never, experience loss. We were never taught to celebrate death as a change of state. We were taught death is a tragic, unnecessary trauma. However, you, the Soul, know precisely where your loved one’s “departed” Soul is. There is never separation. The only way for a Soul to experience the emotion of loss is through the flesh. That is why you have come here; to add something tangible to what was only a conception before. And every death that occurs is one hundred percent intended. The reasons for these intentions are infinitely varied - some Souls want to feel what sadness is like to that degree. Other Souls do not have an interest in the feeling of sadness, but have another experience connected to death that they want to have. Perhaps they wish to see what sadness feels like to you when you experience their death.

This is important to understand.
Have you ever heard someone say, “I was just about to get on that airplane that crashed, but at the last moment, my boss called and said not to go.” Or maybe they said, “…at the last moment, I got a funny feeling not to get on the plane.”

Things like that - those funny feelings, or interruptions that prevent an event from taking place – is the Soul moving Its body out of harms-way because the Soul already, and always, knows what is going to happen. The Soul can never be surprised. And if a Soul does not wish to experience an occurrence, or does wish to experience it, then there is nothing in the Universe that can thwart that decision.

For example: If you’ve had a husband, wife, son or daughter that was killed while in the military; then know that their Soul was already aware and okay with the way they departed, or else they would not have been killed. All the ones that came home from war alive did not do so by luck; it was intended because those Souls have more on their agenda. Even if they were permanently injured – the Soul was okay with that outcome, or it would not have taken place. The body does not "Forrest Gump" its way around the globe. The body, at every moment, is precisely where the Soul has placed it. Every moment of life is intended by the Soul. Remember, the body has no will of its own. If it did, no Soul would be required. The body could walk around and continue to thrive after the Soul lets go of it. Bodies all over town would be leaving morgues to go do as they please, saying, "Thank god that annoying Soul left. I thought I'd never get a chance to do my own thing."

If you know someone that has left by suicide; then know that the Soul allowed the experience to happen. The brain and body do not have the authority or ability to alter the agenda of a Soul, no matter how depressed the brain may appear to be. The Soul makes every single decision that the body will reproduce. The brain can determine that death is the right thing to do based on the condition of the data that it has, but the Soul has the final say on what is ultimately allowed or not. The brain does not negotiate with, or override the Soul. And possibly more significant, there is no eternal punishment waiting for a suicide.

This is the area of belief for most where the religious training implanted in the brain since birth will make the brain want to reject the information. But let me assure you that the notion of certain hell for those committing suicide is strictly, and solely, the creation and domain of religious doctrines. Let me furthermore assure you that religious doctrines, or religion in any of its forms, are not the authority on Souls, or the humanity in which we occupy.

Just as your private home is your dominion where no one can punish you for your choices; the spiritual realm is also your dominion where no one lies in wait for you to make a decision they do not approve of – only to swoop in with the most extreme consequence conceivable. 

Keep in mind – all that exists apart from physicality, is Thought. Thought is more than what it may appear to be. Thought is the Father and Mother of all creation. Thought can become anything; that is why it is said, “If you can conceive of it, then it can be done.”

Thought cannot be contained in any one structure – it is limitless and expandable to infinity. 

Consider this: 
Have you ever created something that did not begin as a thought first? No you did not – for if you are not aware of a thing, you cannot create that thing. So if a particular thought never occurs, then what ever it is that is missing will never be created. Everything that exists began as a Thought; and Thought is everywhere. But the one place it is not – is locked in your physical mind. Thought merely passes through your brain because Thought comes from an unseen place.

I am illustrating Thought here to explain that the only type of hell one could enter into is one created by the Mind. If you have any ideas of hell in your Spiritual Mind, then that is the hell you can experience. Thoughts of hell in the physical brain do not matter since that tissue dies and turns to dust; having no effect in the Spiritual Realm. And because hell is the product of Thought, hell will only last until you change your thoughts about it.

Because you now know that thought cannot be contained by walls or skull bones, it is self-evident that any actual hell could only exist outside of the Conscious realm that we are able to exist within, thus, making any real trip to hell impossible.

Perhaps think of it this way: 
The Spiritual Realm has turned portions of Itself into all of us. One infinite Consciousness has sectioned off portions of Itself, and customized these portions to resemble individual beings; we call these “individual beings” Souls. We are all collectively the One Spiritual Realm; and we cannot separate from ourselves; meaning, the Spiritual Realm would not exist without all of us - because we are the sum total of all Its parts. So if there is a hell within these parts, it is because we have placed it there because we have imagined it into place. And it will only be in place until we imagine something else. Thought is eternal; but we are not eternally thinking the same thing.

Do not worry, your loved ones that have left by their own hands, are not in hell.
No matter how a Soul lets go of their body, know that the Soul allowed it. The secret to being at peace in life is to know that You are the one in charge of Your life. 

I have said this before – you have only read this far because the Soul wants Its body’s eyes to take in this data so that the brain can be reprogrammed. If your human brain had any say so, the religious programming would have taken over and restricted the reading of this lesson. Of course, the ego of the human psyche will fervently disagree – but we don’t leave things up to our egos any longer – do we?

Go now and live the rest of this day with the knowledge that you are still in your skin by the choice of Soul; and this will be the case until the Soul says otherwise – no matter what you do to your body. Smoking will not kill you. Cancer will not kill you. Bad diet will not kill you. A car running over you will not kill you. Not even a bullet to the head will kill you. If you don’t believe it, look up survivors for gunshot head wounds, or hit and runs, or cancer survivors that received no medical treatment, and so on. All these things are powerless against the Soul. 

The most these conditions can do is make your body feel miserable. But a simple change of thinking can heal your body as if you had turned back the clock.

Be at peace because you are not on a timeline to get things in your life done; that is your brain talking. If the Soul wants to get things done, it will without fail. Turn your mind off, and go with the flow, because the flow is waiting for you.

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