Friday, October 4, 2013

Lesson 1: Healing

Do you need a healing?
This is something you can actually do. You can even help others heal without the use of medicine. Of course, medicine has its place for those who have not yet realized their mental and spiritual potential. 
I personally have not used medicines for headaches or anything else in twenty years. I haven't had the flu for 10 years, and even then it was mild and only lasted a couple of days, compared to other people's four or five days.
How do I do it, you may ask?
I simply acknowledge that I never get sick. I don't try to convince myself of it, I acknowledge that it is already true.
So how can you be so sure of your well being? First, stop walking around complaining of every ache and pain that you feel. Don't post your ailments online for hundreds or thousands of people to read and affirm for you. With that many people acknowledging your ills, it's no wonder you constantly feel bad.
Instead, do what I do...walk around feeling invincible. And if a sniffle does come your way, acknowledge that it won't last long because you never get sick, and your body will reproduce your thoughts on the matter. 
Now, what if you want to do a healing for someone else? And what if this person is halfway around the world? You must realize that you would not actually heal someone with magic powers that fly across the sky and finally reach the intended person. All you must do is realize that they are already healed. But how can you do that if they obviously have cancer or some other ailment? 
First, forget about the ailment. Remember that the body is but a mirror of thoughts. To be in the condition the body is in, the body had to reproduce the information that it received from the mind, resulting in what is seen and felt. To correct the body's reflection, merely correct the thoughts. Since we are all connected, our thoughts affect others, even when they are not physically close to us.
I know you're thinking, "But what about all of the foods that cause cancer? That illness is food related, not mind and body related."
To which I would say, You made a conscious choice to eat poisonous foods. That is you allowing the body to accept these poisons, and incorporate the chemicals into your body's makeup. In essence, your body has permission from its Source to ingest these things and live with the outcome. And a note: the body cannot decide to drink a soda or other food with chemicals on its own - permission from a higher source is always required. Usually Soul > Brain > Body. 
However, if you consume poison, your body can be healed, unless the Soul does not wish for it to be healed. Remember, the Soul is ALWAYS having the exact experience It wants; even if it is the experience of illness - or illness followed by healing. The Soul will always know what the body is taking in, even if the brain does not. Nothing can be done to the body without the Spirit's knowledge. With Spirit, nothing is done in secret.
Whether the case is poisonous foods, or poisonous cancer cells, the body can reverse everything as soon as the Soul tells the brain, and the brain tells the body to do so. 
To do a healing on yourself or another, simply understand that Who You Are, (the Soul), has no ability to become sick, or feel pain. Acknowledge the well and vibrant Soul of the patient, and the wellbeing of that recognition will pour through the body and be reproduced throughout. These are called treatments. The treatments are perpetual - every time you think of the patient, only consider how perfect they already are. There is no need to consider the physical illness. Just see their perfect Soul penetrating every molecule of their body. Do the same with your own healing. The act of this should put a smile on your face and make your feel good.
Additionally, stop believing that you are a body with a useless soul stuck inside of it. You Are A Soul That Is Using A Body For Pleasures on Earth. I cannot say it any more plainly.
Deal only with yourself AS a Soul. The body does not have a say so. 
Moreover, stop thinking the body is weak. It is not. Keep this in mind; the body can do whatever the Soul asks of it. The body was designed as a physically equal complement for the Soul. It is likely that you have not even tapped the surface of your body's abilities. If the Soul says the body is not sick, then it shall be so. The body cannot ever override the Soul. Can a glove override your hand? No. The body is a glove for the Soul's Earthly experience. The body has no desires of its own. It simply translates physical experiences for the pleasure of the Soul because the Soul has led its body to a specific place for a specific experience. 
All sensations pass through the body so that the Soul can gain new understandings.
So when doing a healing, keep these principles in mind and you will be a success. And when doing these things, be certain of yourself, not hopeful. Acknowledge Who You Really Are as Truth, not as a potential. 
For those who are ready, the next lesson will illustrate how to move energy between bodies. This too you can do. 

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