Friday, October 4, 2013

Lesson 2: Energy

As you know, the human body is powered by energy. This is an elusive energy as far as medicine is concerned since no one can say from where this energy originates.

Doctors can tell you that the mitochondria inside a cell is the powerhouse, giving the cells their power; but where does the spark for the powerhouse begin? They cannot tell you. At least, not until it is considered from a metaphysical perspective. That is because metaphysics deals with abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space. All the things that cannot be seen under a microscope or heard through a stethoscope.

This is the area where We All Exist. This is our root - the place where we all begin and end - inside of this metaphysical space. And it is inside of this space that our energy exists. It is also the space where we can move this same energy around, from place to place, or being to being.

Think of our energy like this:
Within the oceans, there are many life forms; even some we have not yet discovered; that is how vast it is. Some of these creatures will never encounter one another. Some will live out their entire existence alone and in the dark. But what is the One Substance that connects them all? What is the One Thing that gives them all life and supplies them with everything they need?


This water source is constant as far as the sea life is concerned. The beings in the sea are not aware of anything outside of the ocean, so they believe that nothing else exists. To them, the ocean is the infinite Universe. And their Universe gives them all they will ever need - it has to since they cannot ever leave this field of life and survive in their current state. In order to leave all they believe to be real, they, like us, would have to change their state of being.

That is how it is for us as well; except our infinite Universe is one of pure energy. Just like the sea life, we live within this field of energy in multiple forms. It gives us all that we will ever need. And to us, all that we believe to be real, exists only within this One Field of Energy; it is our ocean.

In other words, we are all simply swimming through our ocean of energy, receiving our spark, our nourishment, our livelihood and all we could ever possibly receive. The ocean of energy surrounds us in every direction and it is inescapable. And within our ocean, the only way to live as something else, is to change our state of being from one aspect to another. Moreover, as evident, many oceans, or planes of existence, have taken shape inside of the Energy Field with us. This is possible because the Energy is unlimited in the things It can produce from Itself.

Now that you understand the Force that is giving your body power, you can move towards manipulating this Energy Field any way you see fit. All it takes is an understanding of what is really going on around you. Let me reaffirm that you are not some helpless victim being controlled by the Energy Field. Instead, you are the master of the Energy Field; it is your playground. But like anything, you cannot take advantage of what you are not aware of.

This brings us to the point. Moving Energy.

You may wonder what I mean by moving energy. What may be the purpose of it? This lesson ties in to the first lesson posted earlier about healing. And to better explain, I must expand the definition of Mind. In earlier writings I have used the word mind to describe the human brain. However, when I capitalize the word, I am talking about the Universal Mind; or God, as some refer.

For this explanation, I am going to refer to Ernest Holmes' definition of it:

  "No one has ever seen Mind or Spirit. The only proof we have of Mind is that we can think, but we are perfectly justified in believing that we have a mind. Actually, there is no such thing as your mind and my mind, his mind, her mind, and God's mind. There is just Mind, in which we live, move and have our being...nothing moves but Mind."
- Ernest Holmes

 Ernest is referring to God, Soul or Spirit as Mind. Mind is the Conscious and Subconscious part of everything. And since nothing moves but this One Conscious Mind, then everything that Mind has ever manifested from Itself, is connected. Thus, with this one mighty connection between everything, then everything we see, and do not see, can be manipulated from one single point, "anywhere" in the Universe. I highlighted the word anywhere because, if you are anywhere at all in the Universe, then you are really Everywhere since there is no separation between anything. Whatever you think at one point, is known everywhere at once. That is how communication between Souls can take place when the other body is half way around the world.

Are you lost yet? Let me make it more relate-able. Do you remember the agent in the movie, The Matrix? The one that was always after Neo? There could be an infinite number of agents located "anywhere" in the Matrix, and no matter what any one of them was doing, they all knew what the other was experiencing. That is because the Matrix was one computer system with all things inside of it connected at the core. Even though there seemed to be many agents, they all worked as one because they were merely replications of the Core System itself.

And believe it or not - all of us humans are working as one as well. The entire idea that we are all separate is a result of not realizing the connection to our own Matrix, if you will. Unlike the agents in the movie, we have the ability to not be aware of our connection if we choose. So ask yourself, do you want the red pill or the blue one? But don't think too much into this description; it's just an example.

Now let us ask the question, how do we move this Energy in ways that we desire? First I will say, that this Energy is always moving because we are all always in motion. And since nothing moves but Mind (Energy), then it is self-evident that the only way to manipulate this Energy is with thoughts. Remember, you are not a body, and you know this because your body is perishable. You, which is eternal, are actually Thought that has been expressed into form. You have taken one small part of the One Mind, and customized it into an identity. This is who you believe yourself to be. But your current identity is just one of many you have created over time.

And the Soul (your part of Consciousness) has been manipulating Energy forever, so it is quite easy for the Soul to do. You do it all the time already, but are not mentally aware of it. To move or "rearrange" energy for healing, or any other reason, you simply have to know that you can and are doing it. Now we just have to illuminate the human brain on the subject.

I am going to give you an exercise to practice just to get your brain wrapped around the idea. Since headaches are common in a world laden with stress, I will give you a technique to assist in changing the frequency of energy passing through the body at the time of a headache. Since you are physical, you will use your body simply as a tool of comfort during the exercises. Note, however, that your body is not needed ultimately - only thought. And know that the Soul does not have a headache. The body is merely reacting to either thoughts put into it, or something physical taken in by it - thereby changing the thoughts of the brain will cause the body to process everything about itself differently, making it feel better. Sound simple? It is.

When a partner has a headache: I will use the term, healer, for designation only.

1. Find a comfortable place to relax. Turn lights down. Extinguish all external stimulants. Be calm and at peace.

2. Sit or lie facing each other. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly, clearing your minds of everything. No stressful elements allowed.

3. Gently touch your foreheads together. Gentle touching and closeness brings the body great peace, so you will use this to your advantage.

4. The healer will gently caress the scalp and neck with their fingers. This is where the healer will use their thoughts.

5. Inside of the healer's mind, visualize waves of perfect energy passing from your inner self directly into the mind of the patient. With these resonating thoughts, you may think words such as: absolute peace fills you. Your body is completely relaxed. All of your worries are gone. Your Soul is perfect and radiating with perfect energy. Your Soul is happy and at peace. Your power is absolute because it comes from God. This same perfect power is passing through your mind and bringing you peace.

6. Encourage your partner to see these aspects of them. Gently tug on their hair, massage their neck and scalp with your fingertips, breathe together in sync. The healer will visualize these same healing waves of energy pulsing from their fingers and palms and flowing into every part of the patient that is touched. Do not tell the patient that you are healing them - you can only remind them that the Soul is already perfect. Saying that You are healing them gives you all the power and teaches the patient's brain that you are required to acquire healing. You are simply assisting the patient with your thought energy until their brain learns how to process thought in a healing way. The patient's body can process the ideas of healing coming from your essence as it passes through them, just as though the healing thoughts are coming from their own physical mind. The body just reads the energy - it does not matter from where it originates. Eventually, the patient's brain will accept the fact that the Soul is perfect and the body can copy this perfectness without you acting as a healer.

There is no need to be in a rush. Haste is a stress inducer. At the moment of treatment, imagine that there is nothing else on the Earth that you need to do. The healer will see the patient's perfect Spirit and imagine that their Spirit is being absorbed by every molecule in the body. Use your inner eye to see that the brain is in perfect condition. As the healer begins to massage the head with their palms, see hot energy radiating outward and into the skull of the patient.

Tell the patient that you are passing hot, therapeutic energy into the mind. Assure them that the headache is passing. Imagine the patient's mind free of pain. See your own perfect Soul releasing energy from your chest into the patient; see yourself trading perfect energy back and forth with the patient. If you are sitting upright - do this for thirty minutes. If you are lying down, it is easy to do this until the patient falls asleep.

All of this may sound rudimentary, and it is. This is one basic technique that anyone can use. But then, I wouldn't want to start you out at the master level until you have incorporated these principles into your psyche. This is a simple way to become aware of energy sharing on a human, conscious level. You may use this same methodology for other aches as well, until at some point, bodily aches will come and go rapidly simply from changing the way in which pain is perceived in the mind.  

It is important to know that you are not sick. Your partner is not sick. The Spirit does not become sick. The body can reproduce any thought pattern that appears. This is why you feel pain. If you feel pain from the result of a drug, stop using the drug and then use your own energy to correct what the drug has caused the body to do. Everything is correctable. If people tell themselves that they are sick or don't feel good, then the human brain believes it and makes the body correspond. Stop telling yourself that you feel bad.

If you do not believe in the power of your own thoughts, then I cannot help you since I cannot thwart the will of any Spirit. No one can. You must be aware of your own power.

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