Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lesson 3: Allowing

Inside the mind of everyone, is subtle inspiration; some call it a voice. This soft spoken voice is what everyone is looking for, but only certain ones seem to find.

I have read articles where people are instructed on how to manifest the desires of their heart directly into the physical; but still, people cannot seem to make ideas on manifestation work.

Why is that?

Often people will believe that they simply are not thinking right about the manifestation process. But consider this instead - perhaps the believer is merely over-thinking the process. I have found over the years that life is less about doing something "right" and more about simple allowing.

So how can you allow and what is allowing?

As I have mentioned in the past - our brains have been programmed since birth with all the things we use today to determine what we accept into our consciousness and what we reject. But this foundation of mental data does not necessarily mean that you are doomed to repeat your programming forever. Remember, the body and brain can never ultimately stop the Soul (which is You) from doing what It wants since the body is designed only as a servant to the Soul. The Soul does not serve the body.

In order to become a more allowing person, one must simply agree internally to stop over-thinking key factors in life: 1. Finding a purpose 2. Regretting past decisions 3. Changing your life's path 4. Concerns about fate or destiny. 5. Feeling empty, alone or abandoned.

The great news is you do not have to consider these factors forever; you can let go of them. Of course, the brain will ponder these things because that is what the brain does; it calculates, postulates and reconstitutes old data in order to move the body forward. These are processes that the human brain cycles through from experiences that have occurred in the past. However, the reason the brain never seems to find a reasonable outcome is because the brain is not in charge of outcomes. The brain can only guess what an outcome will be based off old data, but it truly does not know what will happen.

Knowing is the sole domain of the Soul. But to simply allow the inner voice (which is the Soul communicating through the brain) to become prominent in your life, all you need to do is let go of all the things that bring you angst. Realize that all the brain has is yesterday's news, and force the brain to stop trying to predict the future. 

The moment that you notice some over-thinking going on, take a mental step back and see if you "feel" a notion within that you hadn't noticed before. The only way to "hear" the voice is to make everything else as quiet as a mouse. This inner feeling rarely tries to overpower the other noises in the brain. The reason for this is because the Soul is allowing Its experiences to unfold before It since the Soul ultimately knows that the whole journey will turn out fine and dandy, and is not worried in the least. Somewhere at the beginning of all this "life stuff" the Soul knew It would be at this point; a point of seeking more. A culminating point of all the experiences It had created up to this moment in life. The rough and rugged journey was what the Soul was after so that it could experience a little fleshly moment of enlightenment.

This is the same reason we ride roller-coasters; we know the ride will turn out all right in the end, but it's the thrills, ups and downs that happen in between that we are after. The Soul is the same way; It knows life will turn out okay in the end, so the Soul is fine with allowing life to become a bit messy in the middle.

Now you have come to a point where the Soul is reprogramming the brain, or else you would not be reading this. Remember, the Soul, at ALL times, is doing EXACTLY what It intends to do; and no matter what programming is in your brain that tries to resist - the Soul will always win. That is because the body is the slave and the Soul is the Master. After all - Spirit thinks - therefore, the body exists.

Now it's time for the brain to step down a few notches and give way to the Soul - as if it has a choice anyway. The best way to calm a hostile mind is by relaxing it. The best way to relax the mind is by meditation. Meditation is the brilliant art of slipping the conscious mind into a "sleep state" while remaining aware and in control of it. This is when "allowing" takes place. It is also at this point that all you ever wanted to know about Who You Are and what you are really up to can be discovered. The Soul does not, and never has, kept secrets from the brain. It's simply that many have not acknowledged their intuitive side, so life has seemed like a mystery. 

As you practice meditating, you will find you ask less and less, "What am I supposed to do with my life?"

When your human brain becomes aware of what Spirit is doing, (because the brain has begun to listen to the voice) the brain will then contain information of things the Soul is bringing into Its experience at a "future" time. The brain will automatically believe itself to be the one desiring the future event since the brain will not recognize the Soul as the source of data, because the Soul delivers Its information from an unseen place, and isn't processed through the normal, physical channels.

Then when the future event presents itself in reality, the brain will believe that the thoughts it contains, actually manifested the event. When in reality, the brain was merely made aware of what the Soul was already going to bring forward. 

The brain will then be reprogrammed to believe it gets whatever it thinks about. This is what people have come to call, The Law of Attraction. In actuality, nothing is being attracted to you. This is because the Soul does not need "vision boards" or "concentrating time" for Its desires to exist. It works like this; the Soul thinks, and at the speed of thought, the desire is reality. There is no delay. 

1. Sometimes we feel like we get what we want.
Answer: This is when the brain has allowed the voice of the Soul to announce what is on the agenda, and the brain retains it within its cellular structure.
2. Sometimes we really want something, but it never shows up.
Answer: That is because what the brain thinks is needed, was never on the Soul's agenda. The brain would have known it wasn't on the agenda if only a little allowing had been exercised. The result would have let the brain know that the Soul already has all the bases covered. When we allow, and keep the brain informed of the Soul's intentions, the brain does not conjure up disappointing outcomes on its own.

Because of allowing, "future" data now exists within the brain, and the person will be able to share that data with others as ideas; and when the ideas come to pass, others will say, "That person gets everything they want. She told me she would do such and such, and sure enough, she did."

1. Boom, the ideas appear "out of the blue"
2. The person will speak of it to others believing that the brain conjured the idea (and most people believe the brain runs their lives)
3. Shazaam! The event will manifest
4. Everyone will be amazed that you get or become that which you think about
5. Books will be written on how to manifest
6. The books won't include what I just told you
7. People will feel like failures because they tried to manifest by sheer mental will and concentration, and nothing happened
8. People will become frustrated and give up, still having never heard that voice within

In closing, relax in the knowledge that the Soul is going to "drive" Its body exactly to the place It desires so that It can achieve the experiences It desires. All you have to do to be a part of the joy of the journey is to listen to the Soul, and enjoy the ride.

JB Lewis

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