Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Allowing II: Reprogrammed

I received an email from a reader that was a bit lost on my Allowing post, and wondered if I could re-state it better. I realize this is a different type of thinking, so I opened my mind and let Spirit do the typing.

"Allowing II: Reprogrammed"

In efforts to manifest, people have been told to concentrate, make vision boards, and think the same thoughts over and over until, at long last, the desire becomes reality.
This is the way information is presented from people who live life solely from a physical perspective. Over time, people have noticed that when they have a specific thought on their mind, the thought seems to appear as a solid reality and they cannot explain why. Other times, thoughts come and go without any production into the physical. This whimsical manifestation process has bewildered people, so some have attempted to come up with logical sounding explanations on how to force Thought into being.

The problem is, Thought cannot be forced. Thought simply IS. Thought goes out into every direction, leaving nothing untouched; but cannot be forced to be one place or another; or restricted from one place or another. And since Thought is everywhere, there is no need to try and Attract it to you, as movies like, The Secret, suggests. Everything you need is already there, all around you.

The confusion comes when people see something in their physical world that they haven't experienced yet; then they think something new has been created. And for the sake of simplified understanding, it is okay to believe that the brain created something new, however, in order to progress along this different line of thinking, at some point the curtain will need to be pulled back just a bit so you will understand why sometimes what you think about shows up, and why sometimes it does not. It isn't blind faith that makes you aware, but knowledge.

Now, this is where you may need to put on your "Contemplation Hats" because this may sound a bit odd. But what Thought really is, is Spirit. There is no separation between Thought and Spirit. They are, in fact, the same thing.

The problem with this is that people often get hung up on words. Too much emphasis is added to words like Spirit, Soul or God. And the moment those words are altered, yet describe the same things, people reject the knowledge. Even the words to describe this to you are limited and leave out many aspects. It isn't that God is trying to be mysterious; it's just that the language isn't there for the translation.
Spirit does not, and never has, kept secrets from the brain. Therefore, the understanding has to come from another place. This place is the realm of Thought (another limited word, but we'll simply have to go with what we have to work with).

Thought comes from an unseen place, passes through the brain and is captured. The new ideas are then added to the brain's cellular structure. Of course, the brain is certain that the Thoughts originated within itself, but that is merely the ego reasoning things out.

Just to put things into perspective, you cannot create anything. You cannot manifest anything. Creation is already complete. All that you desire has already been manifested in Thought, and this Thought is All encompassing and All consuming. This Thought is, in fact, The Rest of Who You Are. If you wish to experience this overly abundant Thought in the physical, you simply must allow it to be so. The illusion is that the human brain believes itself to be the Creator. The brain is only just now coming to the understanding that it is not the Creator - it is the receiver and the translator. It receives data, and translates experience back into a frequency that the Soul can understand. That is to say; Thought moves from one frequency into a physical frequency, and is translated through our tissues back into a Thought frequency. It is a perfect circle of communication; it is a perfect circle of communion. It is, all together, perfect.

But for the sake of simplicity, I will continue to designate our human identities as Soul or Spirit.

The Soul has already arranged what it wants to experience. An open mind can receive this information in advance and know what to expect. A closed mind will receive the same information from the Soul, but will not be aware of it. So when you get an idea in your head, (out of the blue), know that the Soul wants to experience that idea; the brain simply captured the idea, and became aware of the Soul's intentions. At this point, a well trained brain knows exactly what to do - just as a great butler would know how to serve its master.

If you believe that you never get anything you want, then you just need to change your perspective on things - then you'll see you have always received exactly what your mouth said you would get. And your mouth only said it because your Soul put it there. The brain may not believe it gets what it wants; but the Soul always gets what It wants - and that is the only part that matters.

When you start to speak differently, it won't be because you are tired and want a change. It will be because the Soul is ready to move on to the next part of Its experiential agenda, and has placed the idea for change in the brain of Its body. Now you find yourself reading articles on how to change (reprogram) your thinking so you can have the things you want. But in reality, it is the Soul that is making the change and making Its body read these things because the Soul is in reprogram mode.

As I have said, the body serves the Soul, not the other way around.

JB Lewis

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