Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Love & Consciousness

Within the realm of Conscious Thought, from which all things emanate, the understanding of the oneness of all things is so clearly identified, the only human word that can even come close to describing the feeling that comes with it - is Love.

Because this Love is expandable to infinity, and permeates every part of Consciousness; whenever one Soul's body experiences it, every Soul's awareness vibrates with joy.

Love is not a thing of Itself, but is a universal, collaborative idea that holds the very Universe together. Love can be defined humanly as many different things; but It can never be expressed other than what It truly is - the purest form of Thought in Consciousness.

And since this Intelligent Conscious Mind (God) is what conceived you into existence, you can never be anything other than the purest form of Love that the heavens can offer. This indescribable, un-coercible, and indestructible Thought of Love is Who You Really Are.  

Now go in peace, and fall in Love with the Idea of yourself - because You are the best idea I have ever heard of.

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