Sunday, August 11, 2013

See Yourself As Complete

Religion attempts to offer people what they are missing; but why do people believe they were created incomplete? This can only happen because religion has declared, one by one, all of the things that are missing from our lives; even if they are not. That is how religions self-fulfill their own prophecies; it is written that something is so - then we believe it - and that is that. What is written appears to be true.
But when a person finally realizes that there is nothing missing from Who They Are, religion will no longer make sense for them.

Getting caught up in the enslaving circle of religion comes from the idea that any religious ideology can hold the answers to life. Religion ensures its own survival by teaching followers that their own shortcomings are the reasons they have not found what they are searching for. So, in turn, they keep searching in vain for answers that will never come because religion does not know the answers it claims to have. This is a relatively easy task because religions all over the world teach believers that they are less than they really are, and people believe it. People are born being told that they are corrupted and lowly and that an outside source is needed in order to be redeemed, yet redemption seems to be an ongoing process because we never quite reach worthiness. Moreover, it is instilled into the people that only the religious leaders have access to this outside source, making religion a true self-serving entity. 

I Tell You This:

There is absolutely nothing outside of your Soul that you need or that is available that will make you more complete than you already are - that is because you are not separate from what you seek. Remove the thought that you are "down here" and what you seek is "up there". If you must believe in separation for the comfort of your own understanding, simply know that there is but One Thought that "separates" you from All That Is; and you are in absolute control of whether or not you continue to entertain that thought as your version of reality. Making complete contact with everything you seek can be achieved as quickly as it takes for you to change your mind.

Once you see yourself as complete and that you need nothing in order to continue to be your true self, you will no longer feel the need to search for the Divine. You will know that there is nothing to be saved from because you will understand that you cannot Ever be separated from the Source that caused your part of the One Consciousness to become Aware - (this is God breathing out). Then after you relinquish your body, your part of Consciousness will be reabsorbed into the All of Everything where you will understand that you were never separate - (this is God breathing in).

This breathing in and out of God is eternal. And since you are the very breath of God, you shall become Aware, and reabsorbed, over and over for all eternity. There is nothing you can do to stop this process. All you can do is drink it all in and know that nothing in the Universe can ultimately stop you from being you. What I am telling you right now is already known by the Soul, but because your thoughts have been programmed since birth to believe otherwise, you may find yourself disagreeing right now. However, if you've read this far, then your Soul has intended for your brain to have these words implanted. This is the seed to a new understanding of Who You Are.

Sadly, there are no magic words I can say to implement this reality for you - this is a belief that comes with self-discovery. This does not mean the Soul is discovering Itself; it means the human brain is discovering and accepting the Soul as the source of its existence.
As you read these words, know that I am telling you that you are already complete. Live your life as if you are a Soul, and not as if you are flesh and bone. Know that you are renting that body of yours like a tuxedo or dress on prom night, and one day you shall return it. Live from that perspective and start Right Now because that is the moment you will realize your completeness and oneness. That is the moment you will truly be living as Who You Really Are.

- JB Lewis

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