Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Choir of Angels (Meditation)

Meditation is the supreme way to overcome all of the things that enter a brain during the course of a day; and life in a single day can be overwhelming. And though you may not know exactly how to meditate, do not worry; there is no specific way to go about it. In short, simply find the best way to quiet your own mind.

Let me help you get started. When you are ready - find a quiet place, perhaps at bedtime. Lie flat on your back in a comfortable position - close your eyes and breathe calmly, as if you do not have a care in the world. At the very moment of meditation there is no need to consider anything outside of your physical body since there is nothing you can do to change anything while lying in bed anyway.

Just let all of life go.

I have included a link to some music to play softly in the background, if it will help transcend you. I recommend it. While listening to this music, imagine yourself gracefully ascending into a heavenly realm; however you view Heaven to be. There is no right or wrong image. The deeper into the realm you go, the more beautiful the colors become; the more peaceful your heart feels, and the more you feel yourself not missing your body.

As the music plays, imagine that the sound is coming from the voices of angels, and that this sound permeates all of this new realm you are in. You can see everyone who has gone before you, and they look beautiful. There are also new lights there that are happy to see you.

You notice now that you have become a being of light too; perhaps your light is in the shape of a body, but it moves at the speed of thought; and even though you recognize your own essence, all of heaven passes freely through you, blends with you, and you understand everything at once, effortlessly.

As the music continues to play, continue on with your meditation, allowing your imagination to move unrestricted throughout the Universe of Heaven. You may meditate for a short while, bringing yourself back to your body, or continue on until you fall asleep. The more you meditate, the more of a master you will become over your own mind and thoughts.
Remember, you have as much or as little power to control your mind as you allow yourself to.

Now go in peace and discover who you really are.

JB Lewis

A Choir of Angels Music

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