Monday, August 12, 2013

You Are Powerful

You are 100% Energy in motion. Every cell that makes up the body was produced by Energy; and that same Energy is what resonates as your cellular being. Even your thoughts are nothing but Energy. 

The only thing about you that is permanent is the Conscious Energy you are made of. And your Conscious Energy is so powerful, it holds together these individual, pulsating, vibrating particles that appear as your body. This is the same Energy that holds galaxies together in their rotating patterns, even though it appears they should be flung apart and scattered throughout the Universe. 

Yes, you are that powerful. 

And I promise that if you let go of all of your fears about life, and change your mind about Who You Think You Are, you will not be flung apart and scattered across the Earth. In fact, you will be held together so tightly by the force that gave you life, you will know absolutely, and unconditionally that you are loved.

When you are loved unconditionally, the Universe doesn't seem like such a stranger any longer. You will know that your place in the Universe is The Place to Be, and you will attract people to you with ease. 

Despite what you may believe, or have been told; you are worthy of all that the Energy of the Universe has to offer. You are so worthy that no prayer, asking, or sacrifice is needed in order to have a glorious life. You simply have to know that this Energy that you are comprised of automatically attracts the riches of the Universe to Itself; this happens continuously and automatically whether you think you want it or not. 

To experience this magnificence, all you need to do is let it all flow through your pulsating, vibrating core. And as the Energy of all life permeates your cells, the brain can detect all that the Soul intends for Itself, and so making the brain believe that the Soul's thoughts are its thoughts. Thus, making the brain believe that it is manifesting all of its own desires with no delay or frustration tagged onto the desire.

So recognize yourself as a Being of Energy. Know yourself as a Being of Love. Believe that inside of you, is the Energy of the Universe Itself.

JB Lewis

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