Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pay Close Attention

I’ve been getting several emails about the Soul and receptiveness. People want to know how to “tune” into things the Soul wants to incorporate into its human experience. First, let me say that this is not something you will have to worry about. Nothing can stop the Soul from having its way – a pre-programmed mind may send you down different avenues along the way, but all roads ultimately lead to the Soul’s objective. Don’t you know that the Soul, with its 360 degree awareness, and its ability to see the path it is on to its completeness, already knew your thoughts would be skewed for a time? These skewed thoughts can only lead to one thing – self-discovery.

The experience of self-discovery is what the Soul has intended from before it came into physical form. It’s kind of like how movies portray a Prince or Princess escaping from the castle so they can experience life as someone else for a while. The Soul is no different in this regard. To think otherwise is just you not realizing the power of the Soul. 

Everything that you experience in the course of the day is already known by the Soul. What I would say to those who are wondering how to interpret what the Soul is doing so that you won’t feel like you are just guessing your way through your life, is to quiet your mind. Stop trying to figure it all out. Let go and let it flow. 

The Soul is not trying to keep secrets from the brain, but still, the Soul knows that only so much can be conceived of by the human mind, so the mystery of life can still be maintained. But you can feel just a little bit less lost if you simply tune into yourself. That first thought that appears in the consciousness is always the Soul speaking; the thoughts that follow the first gut reaction to something is only the human mind trying to compare it to what already lies in wait within the subconscious. That is the moment where you begin to second-guess yourself and make more human decisions. Stop doing that. Realize the initial thought and go with it because that is the Soul making decisions.

This method will take training on your part because you will not trust your first reaction for a while – that is, until you have re-trained your brain to do so. Pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings more than you ever have. This is the key that has remained elusive to millions. The mental images will absolutely be subtle and non-intrusive. These intuitions will not force themselves onto you as being important. Anyone not paying attention will certainly miss them. It is only the keen mind that will capture these messages from the Soul and be able to accept them.

Bear in mind that the Soul is leading the body, however, if the brain pays attention to these messages, the brain will feel like it is the one carving out the path the body is traveling on; that is because the Soul and human mind will be operating as an extension of the other, and the brain will have no questions as to why things are the way they are in your life. The brain will no longer be out of the loop of what the Soul Is Up To.
If you can do this one little thing, you will not be stressed about all of the little stuff in life – and believe me – I have it from a good Source that this entire “life thing” is the little stuff.

Be in peace – Go live who you are.
JB Lewis

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