Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Mystery of The Soul Revealed

Think about this. 

You are Not you body. How do I know this?
Because if you remove your brain from the body, your body will have no idea what to do next. In fact, the body will fall down and become useless.

The body absolutely does not know what is coming next. The same is true for the brain. When you were born, the brain was empty, except for its rudimentary life supporting functions; there wasn't one single memory. But that is all it contains now, are memories. That is what your education consists of - memories of the school books it read, since actual words do not exist in the brain; merely impulses riding around on cells. So how could the brain know what is coming next in your life any more than the rest of the body? It cannot. Nothing exists in the brain except for what has been placed there by an external source.

So aside from the external people and conditions around us, what else could be placing things inside of your brain? That's right - the Thinker behind the brain - also known as The Soul. That simply means that the brain is not directing the body to anywhere. The body follows what the brain sends to it; and the brain follows what the Soul sends through it. Until the moment that cells are implanted with these notions, the brain has no idea what to do except to carry out what has previously been placed there. Without this new inspiration given to the brain, the body will never be given impulses to do anything new. It will simply re-run the same routines as always.

With that in mind, I can tell you this:
You do not have to wonder where your life is going. There are no worries about what your purpose is. The Soul is driving the brain and body precisely to where it wants to go; the same as you would in a car. The car is intelligent because intelligence was programmed into it, much like the cells of your body, but neither the car nor the cells are conscious. Neither make judgement calls or make decisions based on something other than what has been programmed into them. Any new function will have to come from an external source. This is exactly how the body and Soul work.

And since the Soul can see everything with its unlimited perspective of the spiritual and physical realm, the Soul is never surprised. The Soul never drives its body someplace by mistake. Since the brain is not usually aware of the Soul's intentions, everything in life may seem like a mistake, or mystery. But it is not. Everything in your entire life has been, and always will be, intended. Living life with intention just means the brain is working in cooperation with the Soul. The brain may have to be trained or reprogrammed in order to do so. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has a marvelous book, "The Power of Intention" that can help you begin this process.

But right at this moment, try this with your imagination, since that is really all the brain has going for it anyway:

In essence, if you see yourself as Only a Soul that is using a body to have its way with the world, then you will erase, in an instant, everything that worries and stresses you. If you can imagine yourself as a Soul, the journey of the Soul will no longer be a mystery to you. Imagine that you can see your own Soul, and you've wrapped yourself around, and permeated the body you can see, with the Soul. Ignore that fact that you have a brain, and treat it no differently than you would any other organ in the body.  

Think of it like this: the liver is a filter for the body - and the brain is a filter for the Soul. 

Just know the brain is doing whatever it does and that is that. Imagine that the Soul (which is You) is saturated with the Knowledge of All Things (because it is), and you occasionally share data with the organ known as the brain, so that the body will know what to do; all simply for the purpose of experiencing the world around you. Do this everyday, all of the time until you never see yourself as a body again. This is where your power lies.

Right now, the majority of people live their lives visually. What people see, turns into what they think they want. This puts all of the pressure on the brain, which really knows nothing, to figure out what to do with the life it has. But if people wore blindfolds so that they could tune into to their feelings, the "voice" of the Soul would actually be the most prominent impulse flowing through the human brain. It is then that the brain would actually know what the Soul is up to. Removing the visual would actually force the brain to search for another Data Input Source; which would naturally default to Your Soul.

Know this:
You Are Not Happening at Random. You are deliberate and purposeful. You have a brilliantly crafted body that compliments the Soul. The body will never contradict the Soul. It cannot. It makes no decisions. The body only puts form and function to Thought. You are Right Where You Want To Be right at this moment; or else you would be someplace else.
Do not live in confusion - live in celebration. Your life is not an accident. Your life is an accomplishment. So go and live it as the Soul of Light that you are.

- JB Lewis

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