Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Live Out Loud!

Politicians that run the country and cities we live in think life is all about serving the next big political event, or whatever agenda they have on their list. They do whatever they can to serve their own purpose without considering the rest of us at all. Anyone who has spent five minutes watching C-Span knows this is true.
If we listen to politicians, all they think about is war, money, taxes, partisan or bi-partisan, or any other thing related to governing us. But who governs them?

Even the churches are in on what we can and cannot do; and they enforce their restrictions on us with lobbyists who help pass laws like, no alcohol on Sunday. What in the name of magic beans does that have to do with Spirituality?
We can't do this because of that, or we can't do that because of this, and on and on. With all of these restrictions, how do we even get from day to day?
What about doing something just for the sake of doing it? Can you imagine doing something just because it feels good to do it? How long has it been since that has happened in your life?

Simply enough, if you are not injuring yourself or others, what is the problem? Find your passion and just go for it. Is there a restriction or law against what you want to try? If I buy liquor on Sunday, will God explode? Will the economy fail. Will politicians spontaneously evaporate? (Wishful thinking)

You have no particular reason, and it may sound a little crazy for doing something; but the feeling of doing it simply must be experienced. Do you have something in mind? Is fear or a guilty conscience keeping you from living out loud? 

All of this talk of politicians and laws reminds me of John Cougar Mellencamp's tune: "The Authority Song," where he says, "I fight authority, authority always wins." Now, I am not trying to advocate law breaking; I am simply suggesting that we stop being reluctant to live our dreams just because someone else has determined that it is bad for us; when what they are really saying is, our dreams are bad for them.

Try it like this: If you live your dreams from the highest part of yourself, which is love; there is no possible way there can or should be a law to prohibit you. Although I know there probably is. 

I think what I really want to say is, let's all stop listening to the fearful rhetoric of our politicians, and neighbors, and co-workers, and family members. Stop allowing people to pass their fear of life onto you. That type of inheritance has gone on long enough. Let's start a new spiritual dowry; one of love, abundance and fearlessness.

When you leave your body and your Spirit Family asks you what you loved best, do you want your answer to be, "I never got around to what I really wanted to do because I was scared all of the time."

Live Out Loud - Live Fearlessly - Live Magnificently!

JB Lewis

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