Monday, August 19, 2013

What The Soul Wants...

Do you often feel lost and wonder what your purpose is? Although you do not need your purpose spelled out for you, I will do it anyway just to put your mind at ease.

Here it is:

Every morning when you wake up, you are living your purpose. Whatever you do within every minute of every day is your purpose. Then, one day when you change what you do - that will be your new purpose. It is that simple, so do not over think your life. That makes things harder than they have to be.

If you believe that you are destined to do a particular thing on Earth - do not worry - you will get to it because there is no such thing as a Soul leaving before its time. Nothing on the Earth was given enough power to end your life unless you ALLOW it to.

You know this is true because You are the creator of your life; the circumstances and atmosphere around you Do Not create your life - all of that merely lends to the overall experience of things you choose or have chosen.

I will explain it like this:

If the Soul wants to allow its body to be burned, then you will not escape a burning house. If the Soul does not wish for that experience, the body will "Miraculously" find its way out, or not be there at all. If the Soul wants to experience having its body destroyed in a Tsunami, then the Soul will place its body in the path of one; because the Soul already knows when such an event will occur before it happens. If this is not something the Soul wants, the body you have will be out of reach from any such thing because the Soul will have made sure of it. That is because the Soul is using the body – the body IS NOT using the Soul. The body of its own volition does not place itself anywhere since the body cannot make decisions. It is all of the Soul – that is why you can trust, absolutely, that wherever you are, and whatever is going on, is exactly where you are supposed to be. If your body is on a plane that blows up; trust that the Soul placed it there so that the experience of blowing up, and the experience of all the other Souls that are connected to you, could fall into place; all by design; nothing by mistake or accident.

This is the case for everything in life that could possibly come into contact with the body that the Soul is using. Including, but not limited to, being killed by a drunk driver, robbed, attacked, murdered, or injured in any other way.

Naturally, the brain will deny this, but only because most brains do not know that a Soul cannot use its body against another Soul's body without its permission. That is because one Soul cannot thwart the Will of another Soul. All Souls are equal and one cannot trump another.

If permission is granted, then the encounter can occur. This does not bother the Soul that is being attacked, for it knows that its body is, always has been, and always will be, a tool in which to experience what it is to be human, and no true injury actually happens.

All Souls involved already know how the whole thing turns out.
If you are someone who disagrees with this, then you are a person who believes that life happens TO you, and you have no control over your own circumstances, or life. If you agree with this, then you believe that life happens BECAUSE of you.
You can be either of these that you wish - this is a choice that only you can make. Both are completely fine.

You can live As a Brain, and be constantly shocked and surprised by life - or you can live As a Soul, and be in tune with all of the other Souls around you. If you live as a Soul using a body, you would not react to life out of fear. Fear would not even make sense. You would not react out of jealousy when your spouse finds another attractive - because you would know that they never belonged to you in the first place. They were only sharing their time, body and experiences with you as a companion, and not as property. Should they decide to end their experiences with you, you would be happy for them because your thoughts emanate from unconditional love.

Now – with all of that stuff said – let us ask again, the question of purpose. That’s right, you guessed it. Your only purpose is yourself. But do not fret – this purpose is oddly not as self-serving as it may seem, for with your eye on being the One and Only You that you can be, service to others will naturally fall into place because you cannot be you without the help of all of the other Souls throughout the entire Universe. We cannot, and never have operated alone. That is a little trick played on the perception of the brain; because half the fun of this life is discovering that it is all one big magic trick.
Then we all say, “Wow! I knew something was up.”
The other half of the fun of this life is being in on the trick while new Souls join us in the flesh; then we watch and help them along the way with little hints on how to get to where they say they want to go. Then they too can discover that their only purpose is just to be themselves.

Be in peace,
JB Lewis

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