Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Conscious Mind Connection

 The subconscious is where our root or sponsoring thoughts are kept; the part of you that is set in its way and refuses to change. The conscious mind pulls the data from the subconscious mind and then, based on different factors, determines what the truth of any given situation is. This truth can change as the situation changes. The conscious part of your mind is where the rigid rules are kept on what is acceptable and what is not.

The subconscious does not judge, or make right or wrong assertions. It simply submits to what is being asked of it. It is the storage of all the raw data you have ever received in your life. The subconscious is the area of thought that accepts everything it is given; it never forgets anything. It is the place where your dreams manifest. The subconscious plays out the information as it exists; that is why dreams can often make little or no sense. Because it isn’t playing the data the way that it “believes” it should be played. The subconscious acts like a compact disc, playing out all that it contains.

Then, in the morning, the conscious mind may not remember the dream, remember only a portion of the dream, or the dream quickly fades after waking. Sometimes, if you try to describe the dream to someone, it will make absolutely no sense and seem to have no apparent sequence of events; just random snapshots of the dream. That is because the conscious mind has not yet set up any specific rules for the replaying of that particular data from the subconscious. The rules for replaying data exist in the conscious where a logical sequence is applied – if possible.

But then, there are the dreams that you can remember. They tell a story. You can remember them vividly. There are sequential happenings and purposes. That is because the conscious mind has already set up pre-existing rules and guidelines for the data that is in the subconscious regarding those details. Perhaps it was from the news and it was a deeply profound story or tragedy. Or maybe an event that is weighing heavily on your mind for a prolonged period of time, so the conscious mind has time to build a set of acceptable and reject-able rules to follow.

Once this secret is realized by the conscious mind, you can then begin to understand the dreams (data) that you are receiving. You must learn and train yourself not to operate apart from your subconscious, but in synchronicity with it. It will be at that juncture that the messages from your spirit, which are always processed through the subconscious, will become clear in your conscious life.

Your spirit passes its messages through the subconscious because that is the one area of your human mind that will accept everything it receives without judgment or ruling. Only the conscious mind would ever object.

I can tell you something and make it sound believable, even presenting some “false facts” and, having nothing else to compare the data to, your conscious mind will believe it. It will have made a “decision” of acceptability based on the pre-existing rules it already has. And until your conscious mind is given a new set of rules to judge by, it will continue to believe that specific way.

But the secret is: a bridge must be built between the subconscious and conscious mind so that your spirit can communicate more clearly through your sub area to your alert area. This is the best way of tossing out the old rules and programming your mind has created, and letting the Soul guide you instead. The Soul does not provide rules with its messages because it does not need them; your Spirit provides only the truth, and if you follow the truth of Spirit, you will never need rules again because the source of information is faultless.

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