Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Is On The Way...

No matter what someone has done to you along the way. No matter what ideologies and fears of sex have been laid inside of your subconscious. And no matter what pictures you’ve drawn of yourself in your own mind about how you think the other sexual beings of the world see you. You are beautiful. You are sexy. Your curves are sensual and your muscles are definitive.

There is someone out there in the world that is exactly like you and needs the same thing you do. But how will you find this person, you may ask? I tell you this with all of the assurance in the heavens:
If you seek love, it shall find you. There is not one single force in the Universe stronger than love. The only thing you need to do to draw love into your life is to become the embodiment of love. That is to say, you have to know that you are pure love, and everything else that exists in your life is just for decoration. Don’t you know that you are already known throughout the Universe? Every Spirit that has ever existed knows that you are here. 

You would have already drawn the love you seek into your life, but the Universe is a passive creating force; the word force does not mean that it pushes its way into being. All the Universe knows how to do is create, but it never forces itself onto anything. If there is the slightest resistance, the creative flow simply flows in the least resistive direction.

So, if you are resisting the natural flow of creation in any way, creation will simply go around your resistance and you will miss out. The example of this would be for you to step into a moving stream and watch the water easily redirect itself around your foot and leg. The water does not even attempt for a moment to force its way through you. The creative flow of love is the same way. As long as you have a wall up in your mind, you will be averted. But when you remove your walls, the flow of love will head straight for you, like removing your foot from the water so that the stream can resume its natural course. So be ready, and hang on with all of your might.

- JB Lewis
(from Living In Consciousness)

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