Monday, July 1, 2013

The Church Marquee

I passed by a church marquee today that read: God Hates Disobedience. Obey Now or Suffer the Consequences.

So now God is hateful? Just what kind of god do these people worship?

Tell me this - God can continually create everything you see, and that which you cannot see, including your eternal self - and yet people believe that God requires obedience. What purpose would this serve for God? And then there are consequences?

What you do not know is that the Soul is always obedient to the Source of Life, so no requirement is necessary. This Spiritual obedience is autonomic because the Soul's Awareness is already One with All That Is. For example: your arm obeys the mind because it is connected to the mind and does not have the ability to work separately from its Source - not because your arm fears retribution from your mind.

How narcissistic must these church goers believe God to be? I think people have displaced their own vanity into an image of God. Man has created God in its own image.

God uses your humanity to express and receive expression, but God does not control or limit your awareness and God does not require you to be obedient or suffer the consequences. You know this doctrine is false because consequences are 100% fear based, and God never ever emanates from a realm of fear.

- JB Lewis

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