Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Haven't You Won The Lottery?

People often disagree with me because they are convinced the soul is just a benign entity that God controls, and their human mind is the master. They will say, “Oh yeah, well, I want the lottery. Why haven’t I won? I play religiously. I watched the movie, The Secret, and did everything it said.”

That is when I say:
If the actual you, which is a soul, wished to experience the winning of the lottery, the soul would direct its body to the exact store, on the exact day, and at the exact moment the winning combination of numbers is to be printed. This is easy for the soul to do because it can already see the completed reality that the winning lottery numbers already exist within.

(The Soul does not need your Human eyes in order to "see" how the choices, or paths chosen will work out. )

You cannot concentrate on winning the lottery and make it happen for you. Concentration has nothing to do with it. The human mind may have seen that the lottery is offering money, and based on all of the data previously logged by the brain, such as bills, vacationing in paradise, or the envy of other people’s riches, the brain will postulate the lottery as the logical choice to solve all of those scenarios. The brain has been trained to believe, and operate off of, the notion that money is the solution. So the brain knows that to acquire that money, it has to play the game by buying a ticket.

But after months and maybe years of playing and not winning, the brain cannot figure out why the money hasn’t come, and then frustration sets in along with a basic contempt for being able to create other things that it believes will remedy whatever situation is at hand.

What the brain does not know, is that the soul is in charge of making decisions; and the soul may not be seeking the type of reality that comes along with receiving lottery money. All the human brain sees are dollar signs. But the soul can see all of the things that particular reality has to offer, all the way to its completion.
Perhaps the lottery comes with relatives popping out of the woodwork to harass you for money. Maybe people call you up that you don’t even know to try and take money from you. Someone may wish to harm you for the money. Or perhaps the Soul simply does not wish to experience wealth in that way. There could be many other unwanted events tied to the lottery reality that the soul has no interest in experiencing. But all of those reasons are missing from the human mind’s database, and therefore, cannot formulate a proper understanding as to why the lottery money has not arrived.

This creates frustration and people usually just give up. Since you cannot see if the lottery is on the path or part of the choice of reality you have chosen, simply play the game with an absolute feeling of calmness and then let it be. Make sure you play the game out of the enjoyment of entertainment; let the mystery of winning excite you, not frustrate you. Do not feel like you need the win to feel complete. Be in peace.

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