Monday, July 1, 2013

The Beauty of The Unknown

Religion has a cause that they repeat generation after generation - believers in these doctrines believe so wholeheartedly in these traditions that they never stop to evaluate what they are being told. Still, that is okay since no one will ultimately engage in something that their Soul does not wish to experience. It may seem, to people outside of other people's experience, that those who practice particular religious ideologies are following a useless path, when in fact, they are following exactly what the Soul desires. There is no way for the human mind to circumvent the Soul. The human brain cannot contemplate on the level of the Soul, so that makes the Soul the master and the mind the slave. Although, the human ego refuses to believe what I just said is true. No matter how crazy a religion seems to be, the Soul knows precisely what it is doing while it participates in it.
Everything I write in my books and on my blog or Facebook is just a message. Someone's Spirit, knowing exactly what it wants its human mind to see, may direct the physical mind to the words I type simply as a spark to set the consciousness on the desired path. There is no coincidence that a person would read something that I write. There is no coincidence that many people will never see what I write. The Soul knows right where to go to feed information to the brain that the brain needs to see; especially when the mind has been trained, all of its life, to understand things in a specific way - like from a religious standpoint.
All of this religious misinformation and interaction was planned by the Soul. The Soul first wanted to experience life from one aspect so that it could then discover something new and live from that new aspect. The struggle to accept new information amidst the current belief structure is something that the Soul wants to experience; otherwise, there would be no struggle, since the Soul can have whatever it wants. No religion and no person can stop this process. Whatever way that you view life, God and the Universe is precisely the way your Soul wants to live it. Your life is grandly designed and lived very much on purpose. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that the human mind may not be aware of. This too is by design. If you knew all that the Soul was up to, the purity of the unknown experience would be spoiled.

- JB Lewis

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