Monday, July 1, 2013

Change The Way You Believe, And The Change Will Be Unbelievable"

If something is alive then you are connected to it.
You are connected to every living thing on this planet and any other planet in the Universe.
It does not make any sense for you to hate any living thing because you would only be hating a piece of yourself. Love everything and you will feel the love of everything in return. Use you body for love and love will lead you. Stop listening to what everyone else is saying is possible because they do not know what is possible for you - they barely know what is possible for them.
Your body was made for exploring, so go explore every part of the Earth that is humanly possible. Explore other people; explore yourself. Don't waste a moment. Don't spend your life making plans for someday. Set your ideas in motion right now, because that is all you really have anyway.
Don't believe for one second that you do not have the resources, because you do. Think of all of the things you bought that you paid too much for that you really didn't need. You can do it. Refocus your finances for the passions of your life.
Stop blocking yourself right this moment. You are the only reason your life is the way it is, and if you are not happy with it, then only you can change it.
Change the way you believe, and the change will be unbelievable...

-JB Lewis

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