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When I See Spirit

"When I See Spirit"
-JB Lewis

When I go out to restaurants or crowded places, I often encounter various aspects of Spirit among them. That is, identifiable Souls that have once, or many times, lived as a loved one to someone else right here on Earth. This has been happening all of my life, however, I have kept this part of my existence extremely low key. Outside of the four people in my immediate family, there are only a few others that know about this little thing I do; other than the people I have read over the years. Although this happens on a continual basis, for the most part, most of the time I either do not engage the ones I feel a pull towards, or I am simply too busy in my mind to do the translation justice.

For those who do not believe in what I am going to share with you – that is okay. Belief is not the purpose behind this personal reveal.

Recently, I went out to a fast food restaurant where I encountered Spirit. Even though I can easily say that Spirit is everywhere at once, it is still safe to say that this aspect of Spirit came into the restaurant with two police officers in the vibration of someone’s mother. I was already sitting down eating with my girls, Heather, Holly and Mia, when the two police officers sat at the table next to us.

One officer was white and one was black. This is sort of important for this story; but I will get to that later.

As the officers ate, I had a strong pull to them; or at least to their table area. My mouth wanted to start talking right off the bat, but I resisted because I kept thinking, "They will think I am a lunatic with what I needed to say."

After all, most cops are cynical so that made me un-easy about approaching them. All the while, I continued to be pulled. I kept seeing the word MOTHER in my mind; these mental notions are present in my mind the same as a memory would be; they’re not always clear and sometimes feels like I am trying to recall a fading dream. But in this case, I could see the word MOTHER stamped vertically across my own heart – right through the center – from the Aorta to the Apex. That is how it was presented to me in my mind, yet at the same time; I could feel it in my chest. And it wouldn't relent. Meanwhile, Heather was talking to me from across the table about her day at school, but I could barely pay attention to her.

Now, the white officer was sitting parallel to me and the black one across from him. This is why I didn't know which one to talk to; whose ever mother it was, had no racial identity as a spirit. I presumed it was the white cop's mom because he was the closest to me and the feeling was so strong.

I refocused my eyes on Heather and thought, "I should just leave this alone before I wind up looking like an idiot.” That’s the attitude I take 95% of the time. I don’t think I’ve gotten comfortable imposing on other people’s lives with subject matter that they may or may not believe in. That's when the officer's gun was presented to me in my mind. I knew I couldn't just let this go.

Suddenly, Heather started gathering up things from our table in order to leave. The two officers began doing the same. At that moment, a pull that I can't explain made me feel overly anxious, while a notion in my mind said, "Don't let them get away." So I walked over and stood in front of the two officers while they held their lunch garbage in their hands, and I just began by saying, "You guys are gonna think this is crazy, but let me ask you a question."

I had the full attention of both of them for a moment. The restaurant had several other patrons sitting around so I kept my voice low. I was ready to ask my first question, and the black officer looked like he wanted to make haste to the garbage can with the tray he was holding. I felt an impulse to say to him, “You better hang on a second.” So he stopped and placed the tray on a vacant table next to him.

“Okay, I am ready now,” I thought in my head. I just came right out and said, “Which one of you has the mother that has passed?” They both leaned in a bit; I think not expecting what they heard. So I repeated, “Which one of you has the mother that died?”

To my surprise, the black officer acknowledged this while the white one shook his head saying, “Not me.”

I was sure I felt it with the white one, but as I reflected back on it, I could see that the mother’s energy was simply everywhere around the table. Since I have never been presented with information about the race of a spirit when they were in the physical, I can only validate things after talking with the person that energy is closest to. The black officer moved in a little closer to our small huddle. I continued on.

“I have a mother figure that has been really trying to get me to talk to you. I wasn’t going to say anything with you two being police officers, but I just had to.”

I confirmed with the acknowledging officer, “You understand this?”

He said he did and I went on.

I said, “I feel like this happened recently, within the last 5 years.”

He said yes, “This is the fifth year since her passing.”

I illustrated with a hand gesture to my chest, “Your mom had an issue with her chest area. Do you know what this is?”

He nodded and said, “Yes, yes I do.”

I didn’t ask him any specific details regarding anything he validated for me. I just went on with the last couple of things I felt I had to say. Besides, there is no reason I need to know the personals – as long as it all makes sense to him. I said, “I understand from your mom right now that you’ve never had to use your gun in the line of duty.”

The officer smiled and agreed, nodding his head, “That’s right. I never have.”

The other officer concurred with this saying, “Neither have I, thank goodness.”

I had the strongest feeling that the mother always disliked the danger that came with the job and him carrying a gun, but I refrained from saying anything. I don’t know why. I try not to edit myself, but I find I often do anyway.

The last thing I felt come through me was this message: “You validating these things is just so you will know that your mother is with you, and purposely makes certain that you are kept out of situations that will cause you to use your gun. Ultimately she wants you to know that she is always with you; even right now while you were having lunch.”

The officer reached out to shake my hand, even though I felt there were a couple of other things I should have relayed. I felt a bit out of place doing a ‘reading’ in the public setting, so I thought I would take that opportunity to end the conversation on that note. I left and the pulling sensation I had been feeling was gone.

Looking back on it, and other readings I have done over the years, I can see that Spirit is everywhere. It is all encompassing, and is always waiting for any open window to pass messages through us to those who need them. In this most recent case, it was like the police officers came into eat their lunch with the mother’s Energy Identity “tagging along” and saw me as an opportunity to convey even the smallest, simplest of messages. The message I gave him may have been trivial to others, but to me it was huge. And I think by the look on his face it was big for him as well. The officers and I parted ways and I felt great for being able to be an intermediary that didn't end up looking like a schmuck.

I suppose the reason I am sharing this with all of you now, is to let you know that Spirit and all of the “Identities” within Spirit are continually speaking to, and through us. The atmosphere around you is thick with Spirit; there are no empty spaces that can be filled with anything else.

I realize that some people are more in-tune with the vibrations in the atmosphere, but everyone in human form can communicate with this same vibration; you simply have to match your mental frequency to the frequency of the Soul. Keep in mind that there is no “One Method Fits All” way to communicate. You have to find what is right for you. The Source of Life is always talking, but there may be things you need to do to unblock your consciousness from things you were trained to believe in the past before the “signal” can come in clearly enough to use in your life. That is, for you to use on purpose, and with a purpose.

Even though you are always in communion with Spirit, ask yourself why you seem to live in silence from the Source. You get all of your information from pages that someone else wrote, and not in your own being. Other reasons can be because your mind is busy with other things. There is too much noise in your life. You haven’t re-trained your brain to be aware that Spirit is talking through you all of the time. Or, you may believe that Spirit only talks to anointed people or that you don’t deserve the ear of the Creator.

The last two reasons are falsehoods; they are 100% untrue. I suppose that is why I am sharing a part of me that I traditionally keep secret; my own birth family does not know this about me. But now I am sharing this with whoever reads this so that you can broaden your horizon too. If everyone could experience the varieties of Source the way I do, it would be the greatest gift I could ever give.

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