Thursday, July 18, 2013

Transform Your State of Happiness

I often hear people of religious thinking say, "We are in the world, not of it." Or they will say, "I can not participate in these worldly things, thoughts and events. I must be like God would have me be."

I suppose that it has never occurred to those thinkers that, this IS what God would have you be. If your Soul wanted to be angelic, the Soul would have never taken a human form. The Soul would remain among the Light Source from which it was made. Do people figure that their Soul was forced into flesh as some sort of punishment or test; or that they had no choice, and now they better strive for perfection or face the consequences? Has it been the experience of Christians that God forces Its way upon all of creation?

Try this out:
God is the Creator of Peace. This Creator never forces Itself upon anything since force is not needed for creation. Nothing that has been created uses force to continue to exist (except for humans); but even humans do not need to be forceful to survive - that is an implanted myth. Grass does not force itself through the dirt. Water does not force itself through canyons, and so on.

God IS that IT IS; that is to say, a being of Conscious Energy, without form. Therefore, God does not ultimately think, act or behave as we have all been trained to believe. God is not form - God is Thought Energy and uses that Thought Energy for Creation. God THINKS, therefore it EXISTS. There is no force involved.

This Source of Life does not need or require your obedience, allegiance, or defense against the likes of me or anyone else that thinks differently than you, in order for God to BE God.

If you think that you are here so you can behave in an angelic manner or emulate a savior or deity, then you probably should have "taken that left turn at Albuquerque," and gone somewhere else in the Universe. If you were to be any way other than Who You Are right at this moment, you would Never have been born into this human world. You would have remained formless, like the One who created your essence.

Remember, God is Omnipotent because God created All That Is. This Source already knows "what's up" and how you and all other things will work out. Since God knows this about you, God can never be surprised; and since no surprise can ever take place, God can never be disappointed in any action you partake of. God does not give "Life Tests" for you to pass or fail because God already knows in advance how you will proceed. A test would serve no purpose if the answer is already known by the test giver. A test is to find out what you will do when the test giver does not know what you will do.

You are here to experience that which you cannot as a formless being. There is no retribution for enjoying Who You Are. That would defeat the purpose of being human. Those who will not let go of a hostile, angry, punishing, jealous image of Spirit, will never understand this while in that conscious state.
Change The Way You Believe, and the Change Will Be Unbelievable.
Transform your state of happiness by transforming your state of mind.
Nothing I type can alter your conscious state unless you desire to make a change. This is something only you can do for you.

Be In Peace,
JB Lewis 

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