Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Tell Me More About ... Myself"

Keep your mind clear of anything that exalts your ego over anyone else. Believing you are above, or chosen, or righteous over anyone else, really shows that you are not. The scriptures you read, the mantras you chant, or the prayers you pray, give you no more power than a monkey in a tree. 

There is absolutely zero about you that is more special than your neighbor. You are not more "right", and you are not more "saved", since there is nothing to be right about, and nothing to be saved from, except for maybe, our own frame of mind.

Every last one of us are extensions of a Whole Consciousness, and are, at a Soul level, equal in every way. Your Light is the same as all of creation. You cannot shine brighter than even the lowest behaved people among us. This belief in separateness is literally a figment of the imagination.

Why not use our mental power to imagine that we are all connected; that we are a collective of Love. You can still feel individual, but with the power of every being in the Universe backing you up.

- JB Lewis

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