Sunday, July 14, 2013

What You See Isn't Always What You Get

Do you believe that what your eyes see is real?
Does your vision reveal the truth of things to you?

Take a second to consider 3-D movies. Have you been to see a 3 Dimensional film lately? I know if you have, you have pulled down your 3-D glasses to see what the picture looks like without the aid of the glasses only to find a giant, blurry, double-visioned image projecting back at you.

Apart from the glasses, the brain cannot decide on its own that it is viewing something that is being incorrectly presented. The human brain simply believes what it is given until rules are developed for the brain to understand the image needs adjusting. Although, no matter how long you stare at a 3-D image without glasses, the picture will never get better even after the brain understands that the image is distorted from what it normally processes. Since the rules of vision have already been established in the mind from birth, the mind will constantly attempt to adjust any unfiltered 3-D image it sees; and since it will fail, a headache or eye strain will eventually ensue.

The reason is, the rods and cones in each eye are identical and do not have the ability to appropriately block the different left and right images or colors on the screen as 3-D glasses do. The 3-D glasses block the left eye from seeing what the right eye needs to see and vice-versa - that way each eye is getting the appropriate image and nothing else. Then, because our eyes are spaced apart, giving us stereoscopic/binocular vision, our brain can calculate depth, causing a 3-D effect because the images were corrected to match the rules of vision set in the brain.

But it is all still just an illusion. Just because an image is being fed to the brain doesn't make the incoming data true. Simply put, an outside source has been created to manipulate what the brain thinks it knows. The mind is constantly being manipulated by the world around it because the mind does not know what is true or false until rules of true and false are created for a particular idea or notion.

With this in mind, what makes you think that anything you see on a daily basis is true at all? Is it because you are familiar with what you see? Is it because we have been trained and conditioned to accept certain things as fact?

If what you can see is reality, then how can a simple infrared lens on a camera see through the plastic bag on the image below? To a human eye, and a non-filtered lens, the bag looks solid. However, in truth, nothing in the Universe is solid - not even rocks. Just have a look under high magnification and you will see how far apart the molecules that make up things on Earth really are. You have been deceived since your arrival on Earth. This is in part by design, and in part by unawareness.

There is so much going on around you that you cannot see; the brain accepts what it receives as all there is. That is why you should rely more on your intuitive nature for what is real than anything else. Our eyes are extremely limited: In terms of what is available to be seen, our visual ability is akin to being blind.

Imagine how illuminated your world would be if your eyes could reveal just a little more of the light spectrum. This is a simple way to show how easily the mind can be tricked, and that the human brain only knows what is implanted into it.
Try this: Find a quiet place to retreat - perhaps at bedtime - and close your eyes. Begin to see yourself as you've always imagined. Forget what you remember seeing in the mirror because we now know that that reflection is not the truth of you. Your own eyes have been lying to your brain all of these years because the brain thinks that what it can see, touch and feel is authentic. 

What the brain never sees through the eyes is that, interwoven with the image in the mirror, is a you that is so beautiful, the mirror couldn't reflect it back to you. The best secret ever kept is just how beautiful you really are. If only there was a lens that could see Who You Really Are, you would stop chasing the perfect body. If you had True-Vision, you would no longer pursue someone that needs to meet special, physical criteria in order to have your heart. Material things like clothing would no longer concern you because you would realize that there isn't a garment in existence that could enhance your true identity. 

It is as good a time as any to let yourself go - release any preconceived ideas about your outer image, or who you believe you are as a person, since we all know your brain has been left out of the loop. Your eyes have sheltered you from your greatness. Now it is time to see yourself as the magnificent being that you are by using the eyes of the Soul.

Tonight when you go to bed, lie on your back - hold a finger to your lips, and with true passion for yourself, give it a kiss and say, "I love you" - then touch that finger to your heart for a few moments, imagining that the kiss is penetrating your very being. This kind of self love may cause your heart to beat a little faster.

Here is another little secret just for you:
The more you love yourself - the better the reflection will look in the mirror when you do use your physical eyes to see.

Now Go In Peace and Be In Love

- JB Lewis

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