Monday, July 15, 2013

Is It Enlightenment That We Seek

From an unaware point of view, the human race would seem to have a long way to go until people realize and utilize their enlightened consciousness and abilities on a mass level. And it would appear that, until religion is 100 percent gone, we will not see an enlightened behavior from Earth’s people on a global scale. That is, of course, if it is enlightenment that we seek. We always have to concede that Earth may not be the place Souls go to experience enlightened behavior. Earth may be known throughout the Universe as the place to be to live the opposite of who we are.

But if you wish to blend a little spiritual enlightenment into a non-enlightened world, religion has to go. Religion was constructed in a way that disallows progressive thinking due to its inability to expand beyond the pages of all respective Bibles. Since no additional Bibles or scriptures, new or otherwise, will ever be accepted into any religion, growth is forever stunted. The loss of expansion leaves the believers at a loss when they experience something outside of the written rules. Religious doctrines lead followers to a plateau, and then strands them there with no promise of experiencing more than the limits set by the scriptures; that is, until a savior comes. In the meantime, an entire life of experience has been missed; unless your journey here was to specifically live a limited reality. In that case, you are right on track.

The absence of religion does not mean the absence of God or Heaven or brotherhood or morality. However, removing religion from the human psyche will allow people to understand the Creator more clearly than ever thought possible since everything about religious ideologies that cause strife, will be missing from our thought patterns. The idea that one god is better than another will not exist. There will be no more competition over whose God is the true one because there will be an understanding that there is no separation between us, and we are all loved equally.

The problem that occurs whenever certain religions believe they are chosen above others is they are mentally training YOU to believe YOU are separate from the rest of YOURSELF. When I say, "Yourself" I am referring to every other living organism, seen or unseen, in the Universe and beyond.  Because everything is connected and interwoven, all things are just an extension of you; hence, the rest of you.

Of course, you can never separate from yourself, whether you are physical or spirit, since we are ALL ONE. But that doesn't stop people from trying to train you otherwise. If you are having trouble with the notion that everything is connected, do not fret – your belief in it or non belief in it does not alienate you. You are part of the family anyway. And since the human brain is the one and only place that we can experience separation from the Whole if we want to, we know that when we cease using our physical brains, we will once again recognize our connection and oneness with everything.

But there is no rush to begin a new spiritually enlightened paradigm. Take as many lifetimes as you need to experience everything that you desire; you are not on a timeline. The Universe moves at once, all together, even though we may all appear to move separately; so every being in existence will gladly wait for you. Every being in the Cosmos is sharing in your adventures with you from an unseen realm; pushing you along where you need it, and stalling you when you need to sit still for a bit. This is all done out of immense love for you.

But still, with all of that said, I must point out that, if we truly wanted to be an advanced society that lived like highly evolved beings, we could do it; we would move in unison as a collective because that is how the Creative Mind of Spirit functions anyway; not with a few independents trying to convince everyone else. That small section of the population who go against the grain, are just the ones that have realized their true nature, and become so excited about it that they want to tell everyone the news. It is a natural drive for us to want to live from the highest thought pattern that can be conceived once we realize our greatness.

In the meantime, enjoy what life has to offer. Appreciate what you have and know that no experience is a waste of time. All things are, and always have been, intended by you. Here is a tip: stop intending things that make you unhappy if you are just going to get frustrated with what you have created and then blame someone else for the outcome. If you decide to accept every outcome that presents itself, no matter how horrible, you will know what it feels like to live enlightened.


You will begin to feel invincible. Suddenly, your fear level will drop and things that never used to happen for you will rain down into your life. You will feel blessed, but this time, you will know you are worth every blessing. The more you come from your highest possible thought, which is love; you will then know just how great your worth is. You could die right at that moment and have no regrets. That’s what living the good life is all about.
Go and live like a superstar ... believe in your own worth ... Stop waiting for the world to end ... Be in peace.
- JB Lewis

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