Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Reality of Things

The current population of the world is around 7,097,525,223 and counting; with a new birth every 4 seconds and a death every 12 seconds. That is a lot of movement upon the Earth. 7 billion people.

So where does your perspective of reality come into play among all of these billions of perspectives? I suppose that would depend on how you view the conception of reality. Let's have a little look, shall we.

This how the dictionary views it:
Re-al-it-ty (noun)
  1. The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them: "he refuses to face reality".
  2. A thing that is actually experienced or seen.
Definition #1 assumes that there is only one reality for all to adjust their perceptions around. #2 is probably closer to the truth for each of us since we all see and experience things differently. So let's ask ourselves, are things really the way that most people believe, or have we simply been conditioned to "believe" they are that way?

Is there actually just one reality that we all can identify - or are there 7 billion individual realities in play at once? Are you able to wrap your mind around the idea that there are 7 billion different realities being acted out all at the same time? And by that I mean, the reality that our brain perceives based off of the information it has been given during its time here on Earth. We are all running a "program" of reality which was either given to us by parents and society or spirit. Perhaps a little of both.
Try this:
"Every one of the five senses can be twisted to deliver a completely different picture of the world. If by picture we mean the sight, sound, smell, taste, and texture of things, a troubling conclusion looms. Apart from the very unreliable picture running inside the brain, we have no proof that reality is anything like what we see."
(Deepak Chopra & Rudolph Tanzi, from the book, Super Brain)

Now, playing in concert with your individual reality are other realities (other people's views) that often partially agree with your perception of things. On a global scale, there are millions that share similar ideas of what they believe reality to be; however, that does not mean that the collective vision is actually how things are. That just means many people have adopted pieces of a common reality, but still, no two realities are identical. No one will ever agree with your particular reality 100 percent. If there was only one reality, then everyone alive would always be in total agreement and no conflicts would ever arise.

It is impossible, as humans, to fully share the same reality. We were never meant to. We came into flesh to experience as many different perceptions of All That Exists as humanly possible, and if there was but One Reality, then that would never be possible. All That Was Created is a neutral field of energy that has been assembled to give you any version of the grandest experience you could ever conceive. The only way this is possible is if this creation holds no truth of its own. The only thing that is true is that Creation Is What It Is and you can mold what you perceive of it into anything you wish because you are the master of all you survey. This is the divine power that you hold within your hands. 

This neutral field has no agenda for you. This neutral field does not even have a consciousness. This neutral field will never contradict you because it does not make decisions on how it should be viewed. It is, for lack of a better description, a mirror that will reflect back to you exactly what you think into it. 

That is why, if you believe in zombies, then zombies will be real for you.
If you believe in demonic possession, then possession will be real for you.
If you believe you will have cancer, then cancer will be real for you, and on and on.

I met a woman named, Pamela. She is 42. Both of her parents died of lung cancer when she and her siblings were young children. Her lifelong fear was that she would leave her children the same way her parents left her - with lung cancer. In 2011 she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she does not even smoke. She has four children. What do you suppose the chances are that two parents and a child, none of which were smokers, would develop tumors in their lungs? Since we know that there is not One Main Reality of Cancer for everyone, or else everyone would have cancer; this story has to be the result of one family member's reality that became a shared reality. This was a reality of fear.

Simply stated, your mind thinks something, then the energy of creation that envelops you, seamlessly picks up your thought energy like a conductor in water, and reflects it back to you where your bodily tissues will reproduce the thought energy into form. Whatever form your body takes on is completely up to the reality you hold for yourself in your mind. If your reality constantly flows with fear, then that fear will surely manifest through your skin because the neutral creation that surrounds you does not know any better than to give you what you think. It will not contradict you and make a decision that your thoughts are bad for you. This energy field has no opinion on the matter. 

In short, whatever you believe yourself to be in thought, your body will become. 

1. Whatever you type out or complain about on your social media outlet, Creation will reflect back to you 100 percent (since Creation does not know how to manifest something half-way).

2. There is not One Reality, there are infinite realities, and they change constantly. If you have locked down on what you think the end all be all of reality is, you have doomed yourself to an extremely limited life. The best realities are the ones that flow freely and are as neutral as Creation itself.

3. If you have judged or determined that someone is not facing reality, or that they are wrong for believing the way they do, then you do not understand what reality is and you should give your understanding of things another look.

4. Never infringe on someone else's choice of reality. Instead, enjoy their vision of things with them until you no longer wish to - but do not try to change them. Let them be.

Everything you have ever dreamed of is just one thought away. Everything you need to succeed is contained within the reality of your mind. If someone has taught you or convinced you to think like them, then you are simply mimicking their reality, and not living your own. Remember, everyone thinks they are right, given their reality of the world. Everyone is right in their own mind. 

Be Free - Be Limitless - Be In Peace

- JB Lewis

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