Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Art of Creation

It is said that God is unchanging. In one way that is true since God cannot stop being God. But the part of creation that is always changing is the progressive art-of-being.

It is also said that God created humanity in Its own image. But instead, it is the other way around. That is to say, the certain uniqueness of our individual identities is what makes up the likeness of God. Without the infinite array of personalities spread throughout all of creation, the whole of God would be bland and stagnant. It is our own spicy, yummy, intricate, and beautiful image that we each keep that makes the image of God so colorful and full of life. God can see Itself more clearly by looking at us.

And the image and personality you see in the mirror every morning is specific to you. No one else is like you - and this is absolutely by design.
The Spirit of Creation did not and will never intend a cookie-cutter civilization with no ability to expand its consciousness. The creation of robotic drones in permanent redundancy is not how an organic creator behaves.

The entire point of your life is to go out and be unique; to be individual while you can; to express things in a way that no one else does; and to not live in fear of retribution for actions that your very own Soul (or your part of the collective identity) has created for Itself.

There is too much experience to be had for Spirit to simply devise a clone of Itself in order to serve Itself. You do not have to single yourself out as a servant of God, for everything that you do serves the Whole already. Every experience you have is seen and understood by all within the Collective Consciousness. And even though the personal emotion of the experience is just for you right now - once you have left your body alone on the Earth to return to the elements - everything you have ever felt in your heart will be absorbed into the All of Everything for every Soul that has ever been created to enjoy. Therefore, it is important to take as many great and emotional experiences with you as possible when the time comes.

Don't sit around and wish you had gone out and lived a great and fearless life. When you (return) home, make sure you have plenty of pictures to take with you.

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