Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unforced Healing

When the Spirit heals Its body, the process is always unforced; no bargain is reached; no compromise is made. The body simply performs the functions of healing because that is the desire of the Spirit. 

You too, as a physical being, can experience this type of unforced bliss. Begin to teach your mind how to ask questions about itself. Teach the mind how to be curious about itself. Peacefully tell the mind that it is all right not to know the answers right now. 

Remember, the Spirit has no questions to ask since nothing is hidden from It; all questions that arise are mental in nature. Begin to allow questions about all of life to emerge, and then let them float freely in your imagination. Do not try to force an answer to come. Instead, allow the answers to appear for you within a natural flow. When the answer comes, that will be the Soul talking to the mind. Teach your mind to be still and get to know the Soul that keeps such close company.

The Soul does not live in a state of force. Why should the body and mind?

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