Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Law of Attraction (read at your own risk)

Contrary to what movies, gurus, and (certified) coaches will sell us; there is no Law of Attraction where we can (think) of something with the brain and then (release it) into the Universe so that we can wait for the Universe to manifest it.
The reason being;
The human brain is not on a journey of its own; the brain did not come into being for its own sake. The brain serves only at the pleasure of the Soul, and it is only the Soul's original Thought that will come to pass. Simply put, the Soul never has to wait for anything It desires. The Soul calls things into Its presence precisely when It intends to.
What people believe to be the Law of Attraction is actually the Soul whispering Its agenda to the brain, and then using the brain to have that agenda fulfilled. And on rare, unencumbered occasions when the mind is actually still, the brain will have a chance to notice, on a conscious level, the messages that the Soul is giving it - and have been giving it all along.
People who do not understand that the Soul is the Originator of Thought, will believe thoughts come only from the brain, therefore, making them believe that thinking a thought, and concentrating on a thought, makes that thought come to pass. But it does not, no matter how hard of an effort is made.
Why is this true? Because when the brain compiles a thought, it is only emulating how the Soul does it, because the brain can only reproduce what it has learned; it is a process of regurgitation. When a new situation in life is presented, the brain takes data that has been stored from an earlier time, and copies the thought building process from what it has learned from the Soul. For example, if the brain learns from a source that money is needed to make life easier - and then sees the lottery - the brain will reason that the lottery money needs to be acquired. This is reasonable for the brain to do since it has logically found a source of money to make life easier. Then, someone comes along and teaches the brain that all that is required to get the lottery money is to concentrate on it, and then release those thoughts into the Universe. The brain understands the concept and performs the function.
But the brain becomes so busy with concentrating that it cannot hear the true agenda of the Soul that the Soul has been sending to the brain all along. And winning the lottery, or being monetarily wealthy at all, may not be an experience the Soul wishes to have. Therefore, the lottery is never won and the concentrating believer feels let down and cries out, "This Law of Attraction thing doesn't work!"
That is because the brain does not serve itself and cannot attract anything, no matter how logical it may seem. But the Soul will always have Its way and will attract All things with ease. There is no concentration necessary. And until the brain understands this, there will always be a conflict of interest.
To get what I am saying, you must know this; nothing but nothing happens in your life without the say-so of the Soul. The brain creates nothing – it only repeats processes over and over again. The brain can take in sights and sounds and perform procedures based on rules that have been established, but it alone does not draw anything to itself.  So if you have found yourself concentrating and focusing on something to have, then that is the brain repeating what it has learned from those who call themselves Certified Attraction Coaches, Gurus or the like, for the Soul does not require concentration or focus to have all of Its desires instantly.
Law of Attraction gurus and others who hold expensive workshops will not tell you this - perhaps because they are not aware of it themselves. They are likely only repeating what they have heard. Possibly they are mentalists that have had thoughts come to pass, and believe those thoughts were products of the brain.
I tell you this because I wish the very best for you and want for you to know all that I know, if it serves you. The movie, The Secret, sells the attraction idea strictly from a mental perspective and completely negates the Soul; which does not make sense since all we are is Spirit in motion. We are not brain in motion - except when propelled by the Soul, since that is the only way the brain will ever move.
I tell you this:
If anyone ever wants money from you to teach you the law of attraction secrets - RUN. There are no secrets between mind and Soul because the Soul does not know how to keep a secret. The Soul is always, always forthcoming, for it would not serve the Soul to be otherwise. The Soul needs the brain to take It to all the places of physical experience It wishes to go. The Soul would never allow the brain to (guess) its way through this journey.
This Is Important To Know: if you have been doing a lot of guessing as of late - then you have not been listening to the Soul.
…and to hear, one has only to listen.

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