Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Leader and The Follower

The Brain: The data collector and processor of data.
The Soul: The source of original data and experience entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Unless these two elements work together, life will seem as if it is being pulled in multiple directions. Now, the Soul will never keep any data from the processor, since that is why the processor exists in the first place. However, if the processor is corrupted by fictitious data brought on by superstition and fear; then the processor, and its super powerful autonomic ability to translate, organize, and utilize the information, will send the physical body out - misdirected. In addition, the mental processor, per the corrupted data, will reason that any new information that makes an attempt to be integrated, and is contrary to the originally implanted feed, will be some sort of trickery, such as a demonic entity, since that is what the processor was instructed to believe.

That is because the brain (processor) has been programmed with such ideas during the most vulnerable of the learning stages - youth. And with nothing else to compare the data to, is forced to accept the belief structure as fact.

As much, during adulthood, many brains that were implanted with such programming will feel as if they are being pulled in ways that go against their better feeling of judgment. That emotional feeling is the Soul making attempts to reprogram the data that has been entered into the processor, for the one thing that can never be programmed is emotion. That is because emotions are not produced within the body; the body merely reacts to these emotions, causing chemicals and hormones to be released; which in turn, makes the body correspond. Emotions are the very breath of the Soul and a very effective form of communication to the body. Emotions are the Soul's backdoor entrance, and inner voice to the physical mind.

If given a choice between a set of circumstances, one giving you pause while the other giving you assurance; the one that feels better is the one the Soul is conveying to you. The one giving you pause is the one the processor has chosen, usually based off of its limited, corrupt, or superstitious data.

Do not misunderstand - the human brain is not weak, useless, or incompetent. The brain is, perhaps, too powerful for its own good, considering what type of data, we as humans, have determined should be programmed into it. The secret, of course, is for the mass at large to realize just how powerful the human processor is, and its necessary symbiotic relationship to the Soul. When these two aspects of life are finally synchronized, our understanding of all that the Universe has to offer will flow freely through us; which, in turn, will cause the joyful experience of life to magically appear right before our eyes.

When the brain is finally aware that it is not the creator, but the listener, life will no longer seem to pull you in ways that you truly do not wish to go.

In other words, life will be grand when:
The Soul Leads and the Brain Follows.

JB Lewis

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