Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time Travel

Right now, per an application on Google, I am listening to an FM Radio station LIVE from Australia - The beauty of it is, Australia is on the other side of the International Date Line, making it Tomorrow down under.
So, I am listening to the same thing Australians are listening to tomorrow, today. So the question is; is the FM radio signal time traveling to the past so I can hear it?

Now, if we follow our belief that everything must follow a time line, and bearing in mind that Australia is 24 hours later than the United States, it would seem that I would have to wait 24 hours to hear the same radio broadcast in the states that they are hearing now in the land down under. But because radio signals are Not Aware of the time rules that humans have constructed, the radio signal simply exists At All Times, showing that tomorrow and today, are actually occurring AT THE EXACT SAME TIME; thus, making Time Travel, by any means other than the Mind, useless to consider.

TIME is an imaginary postulation of the movement of the Earth around the sun, created by humans. We can realize time is not real because if we stop using the concept of time immediately, the function of the Universe will not change.

Everything that can ever happen and everything that has ever happened is Happening Right Now in One Continuous Moment. There is no Today, and there is No Tomorrow, except in our Imaginations. The observation of night and day help foster the illusion that a scheme of linear time is taking place. 

This had led to such theories as: building a machine that could travel fast enough around the Earth, opposite of its rotation, or sling shot around the Sun at light speed, or using some other quantum leap relocating device, we could disappear here, and reappear into another section of the time line paradigm. But the reason no one has figured out how to time travel for the human body is because, there is no other place to go. Everything you want, and everywhere you could possibly want to be, is Right Here, Right Now. However, in a Spiritual state, there is no limit to when or where you can go. In a Spiritual form, the visibilities of All Things are before you; everything that has ever happened and everything that ever will happen. That is because Creation does not observe time the way humans have organized it. There are just moments existing inside of other moments - and they are all happening At Once. Each moment is unique, but has no barrier separating it from all the other moments. Every event exists harmoniously with all other events, perfectly.

Your Spirit is exactly like that Australian Radio signal, going out in Every and All directions, Right Now, and All At Once, totally impervious to the human rules and road blocks we have all created.

You are unlimited and cannot be stopped, if only you could see yourself for Who You Truly Are. You are boundless, unrestricted, unhampered, and vibrating in perfect harmony with all that exists. The secret is to get the human brain to see it. 

Once you know and accept your unlimited nature, go out and try that which you may have failed at before. I promise things will not work out the same. With your new knowledge, one of the other possible outcomes that are attached to your venture will present itself to you. All it takes to uncover other possibilities is to uncover your true self hidden underneath all the previous beliefs.

You are not on a time clock, a calendar or a schedule to achieve your dreams. 

Here's what you do: 

Change The Way You Believe, and the Change Will Be Unbelievable. 

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