Thursday, November 28, 2013

You Are The Law of Attraction

Focusing on something does not make it (Expand), as it has been stated by Law of Attraction authors.

Things begin to appear to expand because, the thing being focused on is simply more prominent in the mind. Focusing and concentrating does not bring things to you.

The reason the mind notices things at all is because the Soul has put the notions in the brain. A desire may form, and the brain will believe the desire is emanating from within itself; but the desire is the domain of the Soul.

If thoughts persist in the brain, it is because the Soul has made the mind aware that what is being thought of is going to exist within your physical experience soon. And then, when the item or event occurs, the brain believes those things were (Attracted) to it by its thoughts about it.

The Law of Attraction is actually just the awareness of what already exists, and has been chosen by the Soul to be part of ITS experience. The brain has become aware of these (future) events because the mouth has stopped talking long enough to hear what the Soul has been saying all along.

When you read Law of Attraction books and believe that concentration will deliver your dreams, you are only going to be disappointed. The brain and body do not have enough power to wield the Universe into anything. They are servants to the Soul; and the Soul has the power for molding the plastic Universe into what IT desires

My daughter, when she was eleven, was looking online for a Halloween costume when she came across a page of, thirty or so, Cleopatra outfits. She seemed to settle in on just one of them. She went to the website nearly everyday for a few weeks to see the costume. She was attracted to the costume; the costume was not attracted to her. This is self-evident since the garment is inanimate with no individual consciousness of its own.

The Soul that uses my daughter's body, desired the experience of that costume, and had made my daughter's mind aware of that fact.

The outfit was $40, so Heather attempted to find the same Cleopatra suit for less, but was unsuccessful. Out of hundreds of styles at 5 different stores, the one my daughter found, seemed to be the only one of its kind.
Heather had just about given up on her search when there was a knock at the door. It was our neighbor. We did not know her, but had waved at her from time to time.

When Heather opened the door, the neighbor offered up a white, plastic bag. The woman explained that someone at her place of employment brought the bag in, put it on a table in the breakroom, and said, "If anyone wants this, please take it home."
Although the neighbor had only seen my children playing outside as she would drive by, she told Heather that she instantly thought of my oldest daughter when she saw what was in the bag.

"I don't know why," the neighbor said, "but your daughter's face just popped into my head."
So out of a building containing 4000 employees, our next door neighbor was the one that grabbed the bag, and thought of a child she didn't even know.

When Heather peeked inside the sack, she screamed, for it was the exact Cleopatra costume that Mia, my eleven-year old, had been staring at on the computer for weeks. It was even the right size. And best of all - it came straight to our door, hand-delivered; and free. This was an action of the Soul, and not the human brain that brought the costume to us.

So know this:

All that is needed to experience the feeling of attraction, is to pay attention to the Soul - not the human brain. The brain does not desire; instead, it processes the Soul's desires; and because the Soul is unseen, the brain misinterprets those desires as its own.

Books on the Law of Attraction are only as useful as your understanding of attraction itself. Consider this: though physical objects are made out of molecules that were once, or even now, alive - those particles have no awareness or consciousness, therefore, they do not have feelings, they cannot contemplate, or make individual decisions. Their only ability is to function according to the parameters set forth by the Source that created them. Hence, they cannot be attracted to you, no matter how much you concentrate on them.

However, you are vibrant and radiating with attraction. I leave you with this: as you still your mind, the Soul will reveal everything to you. No secrets will be kept, and you will then understand the process, and no more empty wantings will possess your mind.

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