Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Way You Think

When flamingos hatch, their feathers are actually a drab light gray. So what makes them turn that bright coral color?

Flamingos live by lakes, swamps and wetlands, and so they eat mostly algae, insect larvae and small crustaceans, such as shrimp. The red and blue-green algae they consume is loaded with beta carotene, an organic chemical that contains a reddish-orange pigment.
The bird's digestive system extracts pigment, causing new feathers to slowly shift to pink.

Flamingos' color levels vary in different parts of the world, depending on how much pigment they eat. If a Flamingo were to suddenly stop eating food containing these pigments, its new feathers would begin to grow in with a much more pale shade, with its reddish feathers eventually molting away.

If we are what we eat, couldn't it be that we are what we think as well? And if Flamingos can change their color by changing their diet; couldn't it be true that we can change our lives simply by changing our minds?

Change The Way You Believe, and the Change Will Be Unbelievable.

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