Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fear of Love

Think of the greatest, most phenomenal, incredible, magnificent and amazing thing that you've ever seen a human do or accomplish.

What you witnessed was not unique; it was the example. Everyone of us are but carbon copies of the same Source. Therefore, what one can do, all can do. There is no exception to this rule.

"But I am disabled," you may say.
I reply, "I once saw a young woman with both arms and both legs amputated below their respective elbows and knees, swim the English channel, with her coach paddling alongside her in a boat."

So what is your excuse for not experiencing the grandest part of yourself imaginable?

I tell you this:
You are a supreme being walking around in a supreme body, no matter what you may see in the mirror. Since our eyes are so unreliable in defining the true nature of things; close your eyes, and then tell me how you see yourself.
"But I am afraid that I might fail because what I really want seems so big and so difficult to achieve," you may say.
And I say to you, "Fear has no strength, except for the force we give to it. Fear does not reach out for us to stop us from doing something; we silently welcome fear into our lives as to comfort us so that we may relieve our guilty conscience for not trying to accomplish our dreams. Fear does not speak scary things to us; we declare frightening things in the name of fear."
The most reasonable definition of fear can aptly be defined as an emotional experience that occurs when the power of Love is not fully understood.
One who encapsulates Love and rejects everything else, will never experience the emotion of fear. 
We are not born with fear. There is no such thing as innate fear. Everything that has to do with fear has been trained into us.

The children in this video have never been trained to believe that King Cobra snakes are scary, therefore, they are not afraid. On the contrary, many others have been taught to be afraid. These particular Cobras have had their fangs and venom sack removed; but the snakes are still fully flexed in their attack posture. Of course, we learn that poisonous snakes can harm us, so we become afraid of them for fear of the outcome of injury or death. But the point of this video is to demonstrate, that if humans were born fearful, these snakes, in any condition, would terrify young children such as these.

JB Lewis

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