Friday, October 11, 2013

Just a Thought...

I see these expressions often across the internet. These are wonderful ideas that help introduce us to a new way of viewing our own behavior. Because it can be difficult to jump right out of one inset belief, such as religion, and right into the deep, metaphysical aspects I write about, these simpler descriptions may work better. But once you have accepted these notions into your mind, it can be easier to transition into a greater understanding of what these sentences really mean.

1. "Your thoughts and beliefs of the past have created this moment..."
The "You" in this sentence is actually the Soul. The Soul's "Thoughts" are what created all the moments in life.

2. "What you are choosing now to believe and think and say will create the next moment..."
Keep in mind that even though the human brain can regurgitate words that it has learned over its lifetime, and do it in a coherent manner, does not mean that those words will create experience. The brain can postulate and contemplate everything it knows, and can build a conversation using the language it has learned; but those words are useless, meaningless, and without power. The only words the human body can speak that will actually reveal things to come, are the words that the Soul places on the lips. Neither the body nor brain can speak with authority of their own volition. That is to say, until the Soul speaks through the body, the words that come out are mere mutterings. 
So if the desire is to make the mind aware of what the Soul is choosing, let go of any expectation of what the Soul may say, and simply Let It Be. Allow the body to be a vessel that lives free of anxiety, free of fear, free of envy, and stress. Do not try to mentally force something to manifest - that is the effort of a brain that does not have the power, awareness, or authority to bring forth desire into experience. 
When a new way of thinking emanates from the brain, it will be because the Soul has made it so. To make the life before you the most pleasurable it can be, the effortless symbiosis of mind and Soul must be recognized. The human brain was designed to work beautifully with the Soul. The brain has the power to re-shape the world you live in as long as the brain allows the Soul to have Its way with it.

I suggest that we don't leave our adventures and experiences up to some mysterious force. Simply acknowledge that YOU are that mysterious force you have been looking for.

JB Lewis

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