Wednesday, October 9, 2013


About ninety percent of my day is filled with pre-cognition. This happens with important things, right down to trivial details that some may consider insignificant; but I usually find myself being amazed over the accuracy. In the beginning I never noticed the thoughts until they came to pass during the day. Then I would look back in reflection with an idiotic expression on my face, and kicking myself, saying, "If only I had paid attention." I say that because, had I noticed the subtle thought when it presented itself, the course of the entire day would have been better.

But now, after a mere 42 years on the Earth, I am finally catching on. I have always been told my skull is thick, but geez!

That is why I am writing this to all of you now; because some Soul out there needs It's body to read this and use the information sooner, rather than later.
These same pre-cognitive thoughts are passing through your physical mind every second of the day. I know you've noticed them, but the question is, how do we grab onto them, and make the advance notice of things headed our way benefit us?

Here is how it works: 

During the course of making a decision, the Soul will show the brain, in the most passive way, the best idea to use in order to proceed. However, the pre-programmed ego of the brain can quickly bypass that feeling, causing the decision and event to turn out differently. That does not mean the outcome will be a poor one; it just means the event could've been better, since the Soul will always want to guide It's body through the least resistive path to a goal. But a little struggle is okay too, since there is still valuable experience in that.

Now, the Soul is all right with these little oversights because the Soul can see how the end of the situation will turn out. However, if the ego has inspired movement towards an outcome the Soul does not desire, the Soul's voice in your mind will get a little louder. The voice will continue to grow until the message the Soul is trying to convey begins to affect the entire body; including the central nervous system. Ever had those butterflies in your belly? Well, that's the Soul making Itself known; so pay attention to it because your body is reacting to a flux of Energy from the Soul.

As for those smaller vibrations that filter through your head throughout the day; know that your best idea will always be the one that feels like it came from within. That is to say, you won't feel like you had to consider the matter too profoundly. That's because the Soul does not require multitudes of time to figure out what to do. That is the benefit of the Soul having already seen the ending, along with the best path on how to get there. If you are struggling with a decision, then that is merely your brain attempting to solve a problem, using only its limited data supply, and coming up short.

Quiet your brain so you can listen to the Mind; then maybe those belly butterflies will only show up because the love of your life is nearby.

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