Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Prayer: to call upon something or someone outside of yourself.

If you truly believe that all things exist as One; that is to say, all aspects of divinity exist as an inseparable collective, including your own proportional identity within it; then to Whom or What are you praying? Anything that you are a part of that is classified as an inseparable collective, and contains all things, would have nothing that your piece of the Whole could not obtain. In other words; what one part of the Whole knows, all parts know. What one part can conjure, all parts can conjure. Nothing is restricted; simply the right state of being is needed to experience all that the One contains.

Your Essence, (or Soul), can transform any part of the One Collective into any experience It desires. Turn your words of prayer into words of gratitude by saying, "I am so grateful that I am aware of Who I Really Am."

JB Lewis

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