Monday, August 26, 2013

The Soul Never Forgets

The Soul has always been; no beginning and no end. That is the way of it, otherwise the Soul could not be called eternal. You, being a Soul, have always existed. You were not created the day that your body was born.

So why don't you have a memory of living or doing anything before this life?

Because the body you are using now is not eternal like the Soul, and was not implanted with any of your Soul's previous memories or existences as it exited from your mother's womb; so how could the brain hold any of that data? As far as your current physical brain is aware, the body you see before you in the mirror is the absolute extent of who you are. If the brain was eternal, it would be fully aware of all that the Soul has ever done. 

There is a belief floating around out there that I have heard that we forget who we are and we forget being in the spiritual realm once we are born. But that is not true - you have not forgotten who you really are, or where you come from - it is simply that your current physical self has never known you (the Soul) before the day of your birth. The Soul never forgets.

The Soul is aware of its eternal nature, and is thus, not attached to its body; but the human brain cleaves to the body simply because it doesn't know any better. That is, until the Soul finds away to inform the brain of certain facts. After this knowledge sharing takes place, the brain and Soul expand as one, making your physical experience resemble that of Heaven on Earth.

Still, at the end of this chapter of your Soul's adventure, the body will be laid down, and everything that was ever programmed into the brain will turn to dust and be as if it never existed. But all of the memories that were created during this lifetime will remain eternal, with the Soul, for all of the Universal bodies to share in. That is, until one day when the Soul decides to have another adventure, along with a new body and a new brain.

JB Lewis

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