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Let Me Explain a Little Deeper

This is a message I received Friday, August 23, 2013 on my Facebook page regarding posts on my blog. The poster made sure that I could not respond and the Facebook page she has was blocked from me. So I am posting her message here for everyone to read. The only way to have a conversation is in this way, wide open and unedited. No response is a bad response. I will try to clarify at the end of her message so that those who hold her same or similar view may see better what I am saying in my blog posts. I did not even correct her grammar errors. Ready? 
  • Conversation started Friday
  • Elizabeth Johnson
    What the fuck kinda depressing ass views do you have ? I looked at your blog and you say everything we do is " what our soul wants ". So basically, we have no control of our life, and as people we have no choice, freedom, or free will, but merely are slaves to the predetermined decision of our "soul". So in theory if your correct, then there are no miracles, blessings, healings, freedom, choices, free will, or anything...but merely our lives...not just as you so cheaply and sheepishly put it as "our bodies" but OUR LIVES are merely puppet shows and we are in fact in spiritual bondage. That we cant achieve our dreams or have good lives but merely be tortured if thats what our souls wants and nothing we can do will help us have a good life. Every other spiritual person, even those who have crossed over have proclaimed you....not your spirit body predetermined before life, but you in the now have the ability to experience and enjoy your life however you please. But noooooo good ol Justin Brian Lewis, the jesus of the 90's proclaims we are allllllll in spiritual nooses to experiences things and we cant have freedom or dreams come true if its something we as people want in our liives...if it wasnt preplanned by your spirit. Ridiculous. Im sure your shaking your head now, one upping your self like you got the "inside knowledge" and have your "spiritual insight" and that others are lost. Your such a fucking joke.
Now allow me to hopefully make sense out of what obviously must make no sense to many. Here goes:

For the author of the above piece to understand the ideas set forth in my blog, she first has to know the role of a human physical body, a Soul, and how they relate to one another. From what I gathered from the post, she is operating under the idea that her human body is making all of the choices of her life, and that the Soul is overriding what the body wants for its own desires and agenda.  
This is what someone who Lives As A Body would think
The author did not seem to like the idea that the body is a "puppet" for the Soul. This indicates to me that she believes the body is superior to the Soul, and that the Soul is just along for the ride as either a spectator for the body's actions, or even as a source that plays no role at all in the experience of the body.

But let me explain a little deeper on the concept of Living As A Body vs Living As A Soul. In order to Live As A Body, a person goes through life as if the body alone is making decisions for itself, and that all experiences are desired by the body for its own good, or pleasure. However, decision making by the body or brain isn't all that it's cracked up to be since the brain is operating all of its day to day routines from redundant data. It is redundant because everything the brain "knows" has been transferred into it by parents, caregivers, the environment, and such. The brain only takes existing ideas and re-purposes them to appear as new ideas. All new ideas that a brain obtains always originates from an outside source.The only thing that was present in your human mind when you were born was the basic, rudimentary programming for survival that DNA gave you. 

This Is How We Know This:
If the brain could create a completely new idea on its own, then we could take a newborn baby, take it to an island, and give it no information about anything, expose it to only its caregivers, who would only nourish it so that it wouldn't die, and the baby should be able to naturally formulate postulations about math, reading, writing, building, religion and all of the other things people use to function in their lives. But since a baby has never done this autonomously, it is reasonable to believe that new ideas do not originate from the human brain. It has already been proven that without input from outside sources, the baby would grow up stunted in every way, especially mentally. This proves that All new ideas come from other sources.

Then there is the issue of Living As A Soul. How does a person do that? To live as a Soul, we have to accept a few things about the body.

One - can the body function without a Soul? It's reasonable to believe that most people believe a Soul is what gives life to a body of flesh. Otherwise, I suppose the body would resemble that of a zombie, like the movies suggest. And when the Soul is not using the body, the body falls down - this is what we call death. This means that the body cannot operate without a Soul; just like a car cannot operate without a body attending it. Is this acceptable so far?
Two - if the body "dies" can it then rise up from the morgue of its own volition and continue to live on? That is, if a Soul powers the flesh, and the Soul "leaves" the flesh, can the flesh still remain as it was before; living life and the like?
Three - if someone believes that the body and brain are the ones making all of the decisions and having all of the experiences, while the Soul is inanimate; then what do you need the Soul for? If the body is the one in charge, why, according to religion, is the Soul accountable for the actions of the body; that is to say, the Soul is either cast into Hell, or offered a home in Heaven? If the body and brain are making all of the choices, then perhaps they should be held accountable and the Soul left alone.

However, if the Soul is responsible for the actions of the body, then it is reasonable to accept that it is the Soul that is making all of the choices. It is the Soul that is living life through the body and mind.

So, to live as a Soul means that you accept that the flesh is temporal, and will never see the likes of Heaven or Hell or whatever afterlife is believed in because flesh is not eternal, and is not, of itself, gaining anything by being here. The body's only purpose is to serve the desires of the Soul. 
The body has no desires, hopes, dreams, free will, miracles or anything else. The body does not care any more about those things than a pillow would. The body does only what the nerve impulses from the brain tell it to; this is self-evident because the body cannot function without a brain located in the skull. Moreover, the brain only knows what is put into it by outside sources, including what the Soul puts through it. To live as a Soul means that you see yourself only as a "Spiritual Being" that is using a physical body.

Is everything making sense?

There is a saying that is popular: It goes, "We are spiritual beings having physical experiences." But that is a little misleading. It would be more accurate to say, "We are having Soulful experiences through physical bodies." 
This is because no experiences are for the benefit of the body. All experiences are solely for the benefit, pleasure and purpose of the Soul. Since the body is unable to make its own decisions, and the brain only knows what is given to it, they cannot have their own agenda, therefore, experiences would serve no purpose for the body. The body is simply a "transmitter" for the pleasure of the Soul. 

How is this coming along so far? 

The poster also said, by my reasoning, "...that we can't achieve our dreams or have good lives, but merely be tortured if that's what our souls want, and nothing we can do will help us have a good life."

When she uses the word "we", she is suggesting that it is the body that has hopes and dreams and wants a good life. She does not understand that it is the Soul that is using its physical counterpart, the body, in order to "live" in a way that it cannot as a being of Light Consciousness. 

She also said, "...Every other spiritual person, even those who have crossed over have proclaimed you....not your spirit body predetermined before life, but you in the now have the ability to experience and enjoy your life however you please." 

She once again spoke of a body that could operate outside of the pleasure or realm of the Soul. This is not possible. If something is happening in your life, it is because you, (The Soul), is living just how it pleases. 

But what do I know? I type everything you read on my blog just as my Source gives it to me. And when I say, me, I mean (my) Soul. I simply let my fingers do the talking as I type. I do not even know what the next word will be until it is typed. But still, I trust it with all that I am.

But really, I cannot convince anyone's human mind that what I am writing here is true. But I don't worry about that since it is the Soul that will understand.

These are all things I have discovered within myself; and the only way for all of you to know if what I say is true is to discover it for yourselves. I can only share my experiences, and conversations I've had with the Source, then you have to carry on from there. 

But know this: 
If this is not a truth that has manifested in your life, then it is the Soul that has decided to exclude it, not the body or brain. Know for sure that if your experiences have not included Living As A Soul, it is because the Soul does not want that experience yet. Everything in this life is about what the Soul wants because YOU are a SOUL. YOU are not a body. Yes, you have a body, and it feels like it's who you are. But without the Soul, the body is useless and has no meaning of its own. This is the truth of you even if you do not believe it and continue the rest of your days simply existing as only a Body. But if you read my blog, or read what I post on Facebook, then your Soul has directed Itself to it, via the body you see in the mirror. The body that people think is in charge of life cannot ever contradict or forbid the Soul from controlling it. To think otherwise is just the ego of the brain regurgitating what other limited thinkers have implanted into it. That's why you can completely trust that wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, is precisely where you are supposed to be, and no one is never, ever lost.  

As far as her calling me The Jesus of the 90's, I cannot respond to that since it is no longer the 90's. I suppose in her anger, she forgot which decade we were in.

* I welcome all comments. I enjoy all interaction. If you have a question about something I have written - I will do my best to explain why I wrote it and what it means if you would like a deeper explanation. I am here for you all.

JB Lewis                 

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