Saturday, August 31, 2013

Out of Body Situations

As we live our physical lives, most of everything we see is processed through our human eyes; but what about those who are “a little out of their mind”? For example, near death experiences. How can a person in a coma, near death, or even someone in surgery, knocked out by anesthesia, know things that are going on around them, down the hall, or even at some other location on Earth?

Now I know I repeat myself on certain topics, but only because it is pertinent to what I am trying to convey. First, know that the Soul that is using (your) body can see everything. That is, it is not limited to only what the physical eyes can see. For the sake of the experiences at hand, the Soul allows the limited vision of the body to be all that the brain processes. All things visual are funneled through the eyes. Unless someone is blind, then it is funneled through other senses; as blindness is something the Soul knew it would be experiencing. Therefore, feel sorry for no one who is blind. However, the Soul can see so much more that the brain is aware of. And even though the Soul can see all the way the “End” of a chosen reality, the Soul disengages Itself from the knowledge of the ending so that the experience can be enjoyed.

The comparison would be like a roller-coaster ride. As you board the roller-coaster, you are aware that there is an end point to it because you can see it before you even begin the ride (birth). But during the ride (life), you do not concern yourself with the ending (death) since you are already aware that everything in between the start and finish will work out fine. You know that at some point the ride will be over and you will be fine; instead, you simply enjoy the thrill of the ride; while at any point during the ride, you can look around and see the next drop, curve or climb – you can even see the ending where more people are only observing, or waiting for their turn.
This is the same with the Soul. While It is using a body, the Soul simply wants to enjoy the ride; but at any time, It can look around and see what is lined up for the next experience, and either go for it, or avoid it. Of course, some of the adventure has been on the Soul’s agenda even before coming into form. This is not something the human brain is aware of, so everything in life usually feels like a surprise.

But what does this have to do with near death, coma or any other out of mind or body experience? I am getting to that, but let me expand on a thing or two. Any time the mind stops processing things with the physical eyes, all data from that point on is being processed by the “eyes” of the Soul. Naturally, we know that the Soul isn’t using eyes, so I am referring to the all encompassing view of Consciousness that it has at its disposal. That is, when the body’s “cameras” are turned off, the Soul’s vision is all that is left; so it is at that point that even though the body may be in the hospital, unconscious; all that is going on is being seen through the eyes of the Soul; and now what is happening down the hospital corridor, half way across the world, or even at another point in “time and space” is what the Soul “sees”. And since all memories and experiences are kept with the Soul eternally, should the body awaken from a deepened sleep state (by choice of the Soul) the brain will now have data from what the Soul experienced while Its human eyes were out of commission.

This may be difficult to grasp since the human brain does not know how to comprehend the process of taking in all information At Once without restriction. But by using your imagination, or meditation, you may be able to pretend you do not have a body, and are not reduced visually by what the lenses of your eyes can incorporate. 

For a greater understanding, let me say it another way. People are under the impression that the Soul is INSIDE of the body. That is not the case. No Soul can be contained. And to say that the Soul is inside of any one particular thing would indicate separation from the Whole of it All, which can never occur. But because words fail to describe things as they really are, we have ended up with a limited understanding of the position of the Soul. To say it simply, the Soul ENCOMPASSES the body. Or try it this way. The body walks within the Soul. This is possible because the Soul has no size limit. You must forget what you have been told about the Soul. To get this, you must understand that (your) Soul is really just one part of one Whole Consciousness. 

Try this on for size. Think of Consciousness (God) as One Infinite Fog where everything is known and all creation takes place. This fog is complete because an infinite number of moisture droplets exist within it (we are the droplets); now these droplets appear to be separate, but for the fog to exist, every last droplet has to be there. Not even one droplet can leave the fog, or the fog will be incomplete. And since this Consciousness can never be incomplete, separation can never happen – there is only the expansion of everything that is already there. And all of these droplets move freely within the One Fog. And because there is no barrier between any of the droplets, all that is known within the Fog is known by all of the droplets.

Okay … with that as your basis – let us go back to out of body situations. The fog explanation is just a metaphor to help you visualize everything as a whole.

When a Soul “plugs-in” to the physical world (by using a body), It is using all of the physical properties of that world. Although the Soul knows inherently that It can never be injured, or lost, or destroyed, It has agreed to Itself to go through all of those physical experiences. However, if the body becomes unusable, for whatever reasons; the Soul will return to Its original perspective of things until the body becomes usable again. This is something the Soul controls 100%. Because time is not truly a factor in anything beyond the physical, the Soul can correct any injury to the body, and have it appear in the physical as if it never happened, or if as the body miraculously recovered. This could be tricky for those who are strict in their belief of linear reality to catch, but in the realm of the Absolute, there is no time – everything happens At Once. Any part of the At Once moment can be viewed or changed, and made as if it has always been that way. 

It is in this way that a person who is unconscious physically for only a short time can “see” so much going on all around them. Years of events can be seen instantaneously because all things are known all at once when not “plugged-in” to the body. In reality, years do not exist because it is part of the “time” paradigm. And since everything is always alive, family members that have let go of their physical bodies can also be “seen” while not “plugged-in” to the human brain.

This type of event is not isolated to unconscious bodies. Take, for example, an Alzheimer’s patient. They are up and seemingly alert. But there is a void in their physical memory that comes and goes. This happens when the Soul partially “disengages” Itself from the body, leaving the human mind alert, but functioning on its pre-programmed, redundant data. There are any number of reasons the Soul does this, so there is no one answer to a question of why. However, disengaging like this will cause the patient to appear confused since it is the Soul that the brain is used to getting direction from – but when that direction is not being given by the Soul, the brain will simply wander in a daze, using only its memory to navigate itself through the world. The patients can even forget the names of loved ones, or think that someone who has died is alive again. 

Remember that the brain is only a storehouse of information, but without a Source that has an agenda, the brain does not have any particular reason to pull up any particular piece of information in any particular order. So thoughts are scattered and make no logical sense. The brain just runs through the data that it has and tries to coordinate patterns based off previous occurrences. 

That is why Alzheimer’s patients have to be monitored – because they can end up someplace that the brain remembered from long ago, and then not know what to do when they get there. They just roam aimlessly because they are not receiving new ideas and agendas from the Soul. Then, when the Soul wholly “re-engages” the physical body, clarity seems to return to the patient, but they have no idea how they got to where they are. 

Out of body experiences seem like we may have left the body; but in truth, the Soul encompasses the body from all sides, including passing through it as easily as a breeze flowing through sheets on a line. So the Soul does not leave the body, It was merely focusing its intake through the body. This is like watching a 3-D movie through 3-D glasses; you are focused on the screen where the action is, but at any time you can simply turn your eyes in any other direction to see what is going on all around the screen as well. 
In other words, when the "screen of life" is turned off, the Soul merely uses its more expanded awareness, which is different than what the brain usually understands. And for lack of a better way to describe the event, humans say they left their body.

 The real treat of all of this is you do not have to have a near death, coma or unconscious event to see the infinity that surrounds you as the Soul can see it. You simply have to learn how to silence your mind and tune out all that you believe is real because what is really going on will blow you away. There is more to Who You Are than being a spirit, being born, living, dying and returning to spirit form. Your life here on Earth is like a quick trip to the market in the scheme of things. Earth is NOT the focal point of the Universe, and it is not the only place and way being physical can be experienced. Only the most limited of thinkers would believe so. This whole thing you call life is just one small aspect of your Consciousness within the Whole. There are many more things you have done and will be doing; and you will do these things eternally, never having done the same thing twice, if that is what is desired.

I know you must be wondering that if everything is inside of the spiritual realm, then what is outside of the spiritual realm. There is nothing outside of the spiritual realm; it is infinite. But this infinity is the result of one spiritual realm giving rise to another spiritual realm, and another and another; like birth - one inside of the other, never separating. But that is another story…

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