Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Change of Self

People have said so often that change begins within, that the words have little more than a numbed effect. This is most likely because people don't know where to begin inside of this vast idea of self change.
They ask, "How do I change something 'within' that I cannot see, touch, or feel?"

The answer is: you do not have to change what is within, for this inner self is already 100% magnificent. It cannot become any better than it already is. The only motion needed is to make your human psyche aware of it.

Once the mind knows how brilliant, compassionate and loving you naturally are, the brain will rest in its efforts to try and produce these notions artificially, and your true self will shine through without restriction.

It is then that you will see, just being yourself will bring everything you have ever wanted right to your doorstep. And although the world around you may still appear disturbed; your world will be one of peace, prosperity and a little bit of heaven on Earth.

The hardest part may simply be to convince your mind that you are More than you have always been led to believe.

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