Sunday, February 3, 2013

No Test For You

Would you find it interesting if I told you that God does not give out "Tests" to see if you will pass or fail? 

Thinking of it logically, if one believes that God is the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and end of All That Is) then it is reasonable to believe that God already knows the outcome of any "Test" that would be given, therefore, removing the need to "Learn" what the person would do.

For God to create a Pass or Fail situation for the sheer pleasure of watching the person suffer over the outcome is the furthest thing from Love God could do. Hence, God would not do it.

Be relaxed in the feeling that there is nothing the Source expects from you other than to be yourself. And by that I mean, be your magnificence. You may look at your body and think you are not magnificence but you must realize that your refection is not the truth of you.

Thus, everything you see is only an illusion and not a true reflection of its Source.

Do you see it? The one thing that connects us to God is Energy. Energy is the one thing between us that is Constant and True and can never change. You do not have now the same body you were born with because your body is not the Truth of you. You know it is not the Truth because it keeps changing and the Truth Never Changes; just like God never changes because God is the Truth, the way and the life.

The Only thing True about you is your Energy and your Consciousness of it. Everything else will pass away without a trace because the Energy that binds you together will be reformed into something else. Still, this new form will not be the Truth of anything; merely a reflection of an idea that the Truth wishes to see and experience things through. 
When Jesus said the Father and I are One - he did not mean in Body - he meant in spirit. And the Spirit is only Energy. And it is scientifically understood that Energy can never separate from Energy. Energy is constant on all levels and only transforms from one frequency or level to another within itself.
Energy is forever bound and unbreakable by the very molecules and particles that create it.

To put it simply, we are the molecules that exist within and as part of the One Unbreakable Energy that is consistent throughout the Universe; or more accurately said, As The Universe; hence, God and the rest of us are One - unseparated. Therefore, God's will is my will and my will is God's will - Our Will is One and the same.

So, in that way, God does not determine For us, or Over us - but With Us as co-collaborators. In essence, there is only One Will - and it is FREE.

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