Monday, February 4, 2013

This Life Was Scripted By You

The easiest way I can describe life is that it is like a play. Just like actors go from one movie to the next, living a pretend life of circumstances for our entertainment - so to are we, individually, going from one "movie" within our own lives, living a pretend life of circumstances for our very own entertainment.

We become so involved in the whole play that we actually believe what we are living and experiencing is our Identity; that it is Who We Are. But you would be deceived - and the crime is, it is Only You who is perpetrating the deception upon yourself.

You make all the decisions of your life. It is not reasonable to say that someone else is controlling your life, because you are making the decision to allow others to make decisions concerning you; making you ultimately responsible for the outcome of any event in your life.

At any time you may decide to restrict others from having input on your journey - at any time you can go left instead of right. In any case, You are the mastermind behind all of the outcomes in your daily existence. No one can do anything to you without your say so; you may deny whom you wish. You are the writer of your own play and you can direct in any way you see fit because it is all pretend. If any of your life was real, you could take it with you when you leave your body behind. But you cannot. The only thing you can pack into your virtual suitcase into the 'afterlife' are your memories and experiences.

No matter what choices you make during your life, when you 'die' they instantly become irrelevant. Your earthly choices will have no effect on Who You Are as a being because you are not the illusion you have come to see yourself as. The things you do that you leave behind in the physical may temporarily have an effect on the world because everyone in the flesh is still acting out the play that you have written. But soon after you've gone, and you're not here to add additional pages to the drama - people will end your play and move on with their own mental creation or join others on theirs.

The secret is, if you can realize, while still in your skin, that everything you are experiencing is strictly for your pleasure and enjoyment, the more you will have fun with your life; the more you will feel free and less stressed. When you finally grasp that it is you that is the architect behind the drama, comedy and action of your life, the more beautiful life will become.

Eckhart Tolle said, "Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you have chosen it." Because that is the truth anyway. Then your life will feel like you are living it On Purpose and not at the whim of cosmic forces beyond your control.

But perhaps the most important thing you can do to instantly improve your life is to take immediate responsibility for outcomes you experience. If you deny what you are experiencing, that is, blaming someone or something else, you cannot repair or change your play because you are saying you are not the writer of it; you do not own it. But if you accept it, then, as the playwright, you have full control over what you, as the star of you work, ends up doing. And Everything that happens in your life, either consciously or unconsciously, has been approved by you - so why not take advantage of it, own it and make it into what you really want....

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