Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let Me Remind You

Politicians cannot solve the problems that exist within the human world today. They do not have the training or the position to solve anything so they create laws to govern that which they are unable to control. However, since laws are violated at almost every turn, it proves that making laws for containment are but a futile attempt to masquerade as a solution.

The calamities that face us such as war, homelessness, hunger, poverty and strife are the results of handing over too much of our own power to someone else (government) who is just as lost on the subject as everyone else - the blind leading the blind.

There is a solution that could end all of these deficits in human experience today - Take back what is know what you have given can feel what you have lost. But I will spell it out for you one more time, as I have done before. When people finally accept that it is We The People that decide what is best for us, not a few people in government:

1. If you see someone who is hungry - Feed Them
2. If you see someone living in scarcity - Clothe Them
3. If you see someone who has lost their way - Guide Them
4. If you see someone who is lonely - Love Them
5. If you see someone who is in jeopardy - Be Their Savior

All of these things are easy to do because We Are The Ones with the Power. And together we are as powerful as any force in the Universe. We do not need to wait on the President or Congress or anyone else to devise a solution for these things. Let me remind you why, in case you forgot:

You Are Magnificence Expressed.
You Are Brilliance Defined.
You Are Beauty Magnified.
You Are Power in Physical Form.

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