Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bumper Sticker Religion

Have you ever been driving and come to a stop behind a car that has bumper stickers on it? Have you then read the bumper stickers and found one or more messages that apply to your life? Well, rest assured, that is no accident. How can it be when there are no accidents, happenstances, coincidences or mistakes in all of the Universe. Nothing happens at random - randomness violates the natural laws that govern and organize the flow of the cosmos. Not even asteroids fly fortuitously through the Galaxy. Gravity, and other forces, say from Jupiter, keep millions of devastating rocks from entering the Earth's atmosphere; which is not luck. It is Design.

And so, having a car, with just the right expression printed across the back of it, land directly in front of you or pass beside you, when there are millions of car exchange possibilities driving all around you in the course of a day, end up just where you need it to be by shear randomness is - well - not random at all.

It has never failed that, when I have something on my mind that I need an outside opinion on, or need an answer to a quandary I've been having, a car littered with bumper stickers will come straight into my view and reveal its wisdom to me. Is it possible that the people writing bumper stickers are metaphysical and spiritual geniuses or are they people just like you and I? Is some higher force causing these bumper sticker companies to send out messages like probes to find its just right, intended target? I tend to say it is neither.

Instead, I think the sticker companies and their employees are behaving perfectly normal and in sync with the  intended purpose of the Universe. They are tools for us just as we are for them. Sure the messages on the sticker may seem arbitrary but since nothing happens in the Universe by accident or at random, if you see the message and it fits you, it must have been intended for you. Not all people notice what bumper stickers say - to some the clutter of stickers may appear to be a busy mess. And it may seem a farce to believe that a bumper sticker that was slapped onto the back of a Subaru might be a divine message for you - but how much more crazy is that than say, a preacher who gives the exact sermon you needed to hear at the precise time you needed it, when maybe you haven't even been to church in months? Or a song that you've heard a million times, that you've previously tuned out of your consciousness, comes on the radio and gives you comfort after a breakup. Or picking up a book and turning straight to a page that seems to miraculously contain the answer to a problem you've been having?

These are all On Purpose; which is to say, they are right On Track, serving their Intended Purpose. We will always receive messages to help guide us along our path. These messages may come in any of the forms I've mentioned above or in an even more unique way. The Source will give you the answer you seek in the most deliberate, rapid and sometimes most subtle way possible - but you Will get the message that is Intended for you; and you will see it when you are truly ready. How many bumper stickers have passed by you in your life that you never noticed? Well, the next time you have a pressing issue in your life, may I suggest, get into your car and go for a little drive. Don't worry too much about where you are going, just head out into the automobile jungle and see where the Bumper Stickers take you.

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