Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Mystery of the Circle

The Mystery of the Circle:

Your eyes are round or circular. Your blood cells, skin cells and all other cells you are made of are round. Inside of your cells, there are smaller components that are round. Inside of those components are other round molecules, such as atoms and even quarks, which are round and even travel in a circular pattern.

Scientists say that there are smaller particles beyond the quarks, existing into infinity, we just do not know of a way to see on a scale that small yet.
So let's go the other way. Our planet and all others are round and move in circular patterns. Our solar system is round and rotates. Our galaxy and all others are round or circular in some way.

Science agrees that these formations go on infinitely and are expanding.
But what exactly is expanding? Scientists say the Universe and everything that makes up the Universe is expanding exponentially.

Okay, so in which direction is it expanding? It is expanding in every possible direction; and when that happens, it forms a circle - or more precisely, a bubble.
So, all of the round planets, galaxies, solar systems, cells and molecules are existing inside of a round, bubble Universe.
Yes, the Universe is enormous in its size, there is no doubt. But what if the infinite size of the Universe could be looked at from another perspective? Try this on for size.
Pick up a ball and find its beginning and its end. Let’s make it a large, clear beach ball, with lots of round air molecules inside of it. Where would this ball’s origin begin? Go ahead and find it. Can you?

The easy answer is, it does not begin or end; and, the circular nature of the ball would make it appear to be infinite; especially if you were one of the many air molecules on the inside trying to look outward to find an exit.
Scientists have been trying to figure out the origins of the Universe since 1927, when Georges LeMaitre, introduced the Big Bang Theory.

So, why not have a look at the Big Bang. What happens when an explosion occurs? The Extremely simple description is, all matter from the center of a mass, goes out into every and all directions, all at once, or 500 billionth of a second, and keeps expanding until the molecules lose energy and break down. The explosion forms a bubble or circular shock-wave.

However, since the loss of energy is not an issue within the Universe as a whole, the Universe just continues to expand, just as a bomb would that never ran out of energy.

Sooo, you may be able to reason, that the Universe we are a part of is round – not flat like a plate, or square, or any other geometric shape. But round, just like everything inside of it. How likely is it that, say, a square substance, would have nothing but round objects in it?

Then you may ponder, well, what’s in between all of the round objects? That’s easy – molecules. Can you see the molecules of air inside of the clear beach ball? No? Does that mean there is nothing there?

Nope. There are actually a lot of things in there. The same is true of the space in space. It isn’t really space at all. We just cannot see it so it is an illusion. Invisible molecules and forces hold everything together in their individual orbits, but as a whole, everything is still expanding out into every direction.

For example, the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light years away, will collide with our Milky Way Galaxy in around 4 billion years. Don’t worry, you still have time for that picnic you’ve been planning.

So, one might ask, “If our Universe is round, what, if anything, exists on the outside of OUR Universal Bubble?” To put it simply, as we are the children of our Universal Bubble, so too is our Universe, the child of another. This idea is quickly becoming known as the Multi-verse theory.

Is your mind thinking I’m nuts? There are a lot of articles on the topic. You should make up your own mind. To get you started:

Even if you do not agree with the Big Bang Theory, you can certainly agree that, out of everything we’ve seen in the Universe, not one single planet, galaxy, solar system or molecule has ever been found to be square, or triangular, or rectangular. It therefore stands to reason that the Universe is also round; with an invisible energy creating its barrier; and I use the term, barrier, loosely.

Our Universal Beach Ball is self contained and in need of nothing from "outside" of itself. And unless aliens are hauling parts and materials in from adjacent Universes, it is reasonable to agree with our self containment idea. And, if everything in our Universe came from Here, then that means you were also created with this Universe. You did not come from some place else. That would make you, one part of one Whole.

That would mean, that all of the invisible "stuff" holding everything together and connecting it all, is also connecting you to everything. That makes all of us, One. Thus, if we are all inside of this Universal Bubble, then you can never be separate from the Whole; for where would you go?

And if you are connected to everything with no place else to go, you must also be connected to the "Creator," with no chance of ever being separated. And if the Universe is simply the "body" of the "Creator" then we are all the molecules holding the whole thing together, giving expansion to the Universe.

Each one of us being an integral part of the Whole. You are all my brothers, my sisters, my mothers and fathers. We are all part of One Family that can never leave home. But then, why would we ever want to.

Just something to ponder on….

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