Friday, April 25, 2014

What Does Energy Look Like?

Have you ever looked directly at a white light? If you could see (into) the light, and your eyes could separate the spectrum, you would see trillions of colors, if not an infinite amount.
Consider modern day televisions; they can display more than 32 trillion colors; of which, the human eye can only distinguish around 10 million. Can you imagine that; all of those colors displayed from three primaries (red, blue, and green)? And with that, a spectacle of illusion is created - most of which we cannot even see.
Still, even those three primary colors originate from a backing source of their own. As within the light of a white bulb, all possible colors are already present; that is what makes the light white in the first place. To see these colors within a field of white light, we can use a prism to separate them. In contrast, to make blackness, all the colors are removed. In the realm of light, black is not a color, but a description of what is missing.
Now imagine the other Source of Energy; the one that we call the Light of Life.
Just as television shows us all its glory from a singular source of manipulated light; such is true of everything else. This Source of Life Energy has no particular image, yet can be made into an infinite number of shapes, sounds, colors, and ideas. But even so, Energy cannot be seen until it is acted upon. Then, when acted upon, conforms to the initiating idea.
But let’s look at it another way:
I have written that there is only one source from which all things come. If this is true, how can a one-and-only source of unseen energy be acted upon if there is nothing else? That is because, anything that could act upon the Source of Energy already exists within It; all possibilities, (or colors), exist within the Whole.       
And these possibilities are in the form of Thought. And these Thoughts exist because the Energy is Conscious. And this Energy is Conscious because It is Intelligent. And together, make up the One Whole.
Think of it like this: the human body has many parts, but work in concert with the whole of itself to perform a multitude of functions and experiences. Nothing about YOU exists outside of YOU. Nerves within YOU spark movement within you and nowhere else.
For Example:
The esophagus is lined with smooth muscle, which is autonomic to a degree. That is to say, once the spark to swallow is initiated, the swallowing motion will not stop until the process is completed. In addition, you cannot begin a new swallow until the previous swallow is done. This is called peristalsis.
The same is true of Life Energy. Intelligent Thought within Itself, like nerves, initiates movement, and nothing can interrupt this movement until the process is complete. In other words, within the Whole of It, thought occurs and sparks movement that will become All That We Are, See, and Do; and none of it will end until every movement that has ever been made throughout the Collective Consciousness has been completed.
These incalculable events are the breathing out of God. When completion occurs, everything will contract; this is the breathing in of God. But that is still not the end, for God must breathe out again - and again and again, metaphorically speaking. This breathing is eternal since there are no actual lungs to breathe - only the Idea of breathing. And as long as the idea exists, God exists.
And since Light exists, we know that the idea of God still exists.
In short, All of Us is what Energy, (or God), looks like. From a formless, but highly plastic force, to what you see before you now, and back again. And the only point to this entire life is for you to come up with the best Idea of Who You Want To Be, and Think it all into being. You are truly the breath of God, expanding and retracting, projecting and receiving, to and from the All of It.
With Energy having no particular shape or identity, but having the ability to reflect anything that is impressed into it really means that all we wish to be, we can become. And all that we wish to have, we can absorb. Plus, we have all eternity in which to see our visions fulfilled.

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