Thursday, March 6, 2014

It Takes a Nation

The life we implement for ourselves is solely our doing. But taking responsibility for what we have decided can sometimes be the one thing that we want to avoid at all costs. Certainly it would be easier for our own state of mind to place the blame onto someone or something else; but refusing to acknowledge what we have chosen will not lead to a progression of awareness.

Think of this.

I could find no records that show Hitler, as a member of the Third Reich, as killing one person. Perhaps he did so as a member of the Bavarian-Army during World War I, but not during his reign through WWII.

So who indeed killed more than 11 million people, which included 6 million Jews? Hitler was the mastermind that initiated the chain of events, no doubt; but he did not fire every weapon, he did not operate every prison camp where families were incinerated, and he did not personally steal tons of property, including priceless works of art. It took an entire nation and a lot of the world to allow this to happen. Hitler, as leader, took away the retribution that would normally come with the murder of innocent people, causing those who were already inclined with blood-lust to act out their will freely. And with no fear of penalty under the new laws, the people of a nation were allowed to become who they really wanted to be at that point in their existence. But if you ask anyone who killed millions of people during the war, people will answer, Hitler did it. That is because it is just easier to blame someone else than to admit everyone allowed it.

No one forced the inhabitants of the Earth to take up arms and burn, shoot or otherwise desecrate their former neighbors. They did so of their own free will because Carte Blanche on murder was the new law of the land; all one needed to do to participate was the desire to do so. Through Hitler, one side of the nature of humanity was able to reveal itself. Through the army, people had the means and the justification to do the most heinous acts ever seen to that date. Even today, militaries all around the globe offer the experience of unrefined violence to whoever has a desire for it.

All that is needed is the absence of punishment, accountability, and the care-free displacement of blame.
People say, “They made me do it.”

Or soldiers may say, “It’s the enemies fault.” Or, “I was only following orders.”
This is how humanity lets go of responsibilities.

But remember this: life is a progressive force of creation – it never goes backwards. Life is circular; always complete with no beginning and no end. And although experience is great, as long as people move contrary to progressive behaviors, the expansion of their awareness of how creation works will be slow to come, and the carnage of history will be sure to repeat.

Naturally, humanity will discover the truth over time, for the truth cannot ultimately be suppressed; but until we begin to lay claim to our own actions as a united Whole, we will continue to live in a world seemingly bent on being destroyed. 

We may take as many lifetimes as we wish in order to realize this truth in the flesh, and that is all right; there is no rush since there is nothing else for us to do and no particular place for us to go. But however long we choose to live physically in a world of pain and sorrow simply depends on what level of consciousness we want to experience, and for how long we are willing to endure it. It is all up to us - not someone else.

However, I say this: if you are ready to experience as much pleasure and grandeur that a human body is able to now, in this life – you will have to announce your secrets, dirty deeds, and displacement of blame aloud to the world. That is the only way to release it; otherwise, you are still living a life of denial; you are resisting responsibility as long as you are unwilling to admit these things. And as long as you continue to deny who you've been, you can never reveal who you really are.

JB Lewis

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