Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Mental Percentage

It has been said that humans use between 5 and 20 percent of the mind, and I can see how this conclusion has been made. It is not that we cannot use more, but that we were never given a chance to.
From birth we have been told of everything that we cannot do; everything that we should fear; everything that is impossible. Had we been shown precisely the opposite, we would be doing things in our everyday lives with the power of the mind that would make life on Earth the Utopia authors have always written about.

We write about such things, not because they are fantasy, but because there is still a part of us deep inside that knows we have these extra-sensory and super-human abilities built within us - they are simply dormant. But they are still with us because these abilities are programmed into our DNA.

We were programmed this way because of how magnificent and powerful the Soul is. Our bodies were formed as a direct compliment to our Souls. The brain was built to comprehend and carryout anything the Soul gives it, while the body was designed to comprehend and carryout anything the brain gives it. Anything less would be like putting propellers on the space shuttle; the two just would not compliment each other.

You are more powerful and magnificent than you may have ever been told.
You may read these words and believe they are true, but can you feel this truth deep inside?
You are a brilliant Soul, and you did not inherit an inadequate body. 

Wheelchairs, paralysis, handicaps, illnesses, obesity - these are not the limitations of your physical structure, for I have seen a girl dance from a wheelchair; I have seen a quadruple amputee swim the English channel; I have seen illness laden bodies on the verge of death be rebuilt; I have seen overweight beings reform their bodies into a picture of health. I assure you that nothing has ever been put on Earth that can stop you from being yourself unless you allow it.

It all depends on how much you are willing to Think into any given situation.

For example:

A five percent thinker believes nearly everything is impossible. A twenty percent thinker can build a craft that can go into space and back. A fifty percent thinker can manipulate almost everything in a physical environment with only their mind. A one hundred percent thinker is unstoppable.

So - tell me - how much of your brain power are you going to use tomorrow?

JB Lewis

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